14 Things You Can Only Understand If You Have an Addiction to Fake Nails

Imagine being able to tie a single necklace … ahahaha

  1. When a barman leans you the rest in money on the counter, does it take forever to be able to take those damn fifty cents.But could not give you anything in his hand? ATM, credit cards, anything is fine for you is REALLY HARD to grasp on a flat surface.
  2. Apply the moisturizer, hand cream, or any type of treatment product is a mission impossible -I always use too much, because a good part remains under your nails.
  3. Remember when you could lock yourself in your own necklaces? Haha.Those days are gone!
  4. Close the buttons alone? Yeah, that’s really hard.I bet you have already Googled what it costs to have a personal assistant.
  5. Steps hours to look for inspiration with the hashtag #NOTD (aka nails of the day) to find the nail art for you.Then screenshotti one you like, you can do it to see your beautician and ask to play it. Ah yes, then screenshotti even the nails nightmare to be sent to your friends www.foodezine.com like you.
  6. If a jump away, you’ve ruined the evening. Why God?Why to me? Does a lot of bad and sometimes blood comes out.
  7. Nothing relaxes you like when you go in the living room to redo your nails. NOTHING.
  8. You can spend days and days admiring your claws. Sometimes (usually during longer meetings) you’re just mesmerized by your nails, so that answer to your boss, “the effect of acrylics is crazy.”Too bad he had just asked you a question on data analysis.
  9. Rihanna is the queen of nail art. His deputy is Khloe Kardashian.
  10. This is what happens when you accept the proposal to “stretch” your beautician:
  11. If for some reason you are forced to remove the fake nails for a while, as soon as you’re holding your phone you feel strange.How to use?Your fingers seem to have shrunk.  Arghhhh.
  12. Steps more time with your manicurist respect with your family. But who would you save first in a fire?No this does not answer …
  13. When you remove the fake nails, or shorten it, you feel less sexy of 72.5%.This is because your natural nails by now are as thin as a sheet of A4.However, it’s worth it.
  14. The sound they make when you type on your phone or tambourines on the desk is a real pleasure. There is also a video section on YouTube dedicated to this practice.Really!