35 Million Photos Getty Images are Released to be Used Free of Charge

Many may not know Getty Images, but all certainly had seen a photograph coming from there. The largest commercial bank of images is changing slightly its business model: it used to pay a license to remove protection from an image and use it legally; Now, 35 million photos are available for use free blogs, websites and social networks.

There are some rules, of course: the photos can not be used for commercial purposes and should be incorporated using an HTML code itself Getty Images. It is not allowed to take advantage of images to raise money, sell something or promote any product or for defamation purposes or pornography, for example. Furthermore, although 35 million is a big number, not all images can be incorporated – that’s less than half of the available content.

As the photo file is not included directly on the page, but through an iframe, the Getty Images retains control over content: the image may stop being conveyed at any time and is necessarily accompanied by the credits for both the photographer as for Getty Images. The company does not rule out the possibility of generating money by placing ads in the future.

The BBC shows that many photojournalists were upset with the new policy of Getty Images to release pictures for free. Professionals say they do not work for free and will not work to have exposure in the media, so have their names disclosed as credit photos do not pay the children’s milk.

However, the Getty Images remember that the photos licensed by the company can now be easily found at customer sites, such as news portals, or even in their own Google (just a click with the right mouse button to save them). And what is the possibility of a profile on a social network or small blogs noncommercial pay to license a photo? Practically nil, I imagine.

To embed a picture of Getty Images to a page, just make a search on the site, choose the image and copy the HTML code (if available). All information about the new feature are on this page. Many images, especially those used for journalistic purposes, can not be incorporated; in this case, it is necessary to pay for the license, which is usually in the hundreds of dollars.