5 Cross Country Boots For The Cowgirl Success

Of the colored, stamped cross country boots are hit with the cowgirls. Full address details and eye-catching, this model appeals to various boot styles. To mount productions with this boot, let her be the star of the whole look. Check out our tips to complete outfits for the cowgirls:


Beauty is not lacking for this style. Their difference is in the details, enriching with sequins and pespontes that add even more elegance to the piece. Some still have colorful embroidery that color of leather and ensure a more stripped and cheerful in the production of the cowgirl.

Other details also make all the difference in the cross country boot are the clippings and studs. These elements help to give more grace to the product. All these peculiarities of the boot make them pieces of great prominence and beauty. For this reason, they are so loved by women hinterland.


Easy to compose looks

Cross country boots are very versatile and can be combined with several pieces from jeans to dresses. Most are medium-to-long barrel. This type of barrel length ensures beautiful country and costumes are easy to combine.

Visual stripped

According to Shoesespecially, when the cowgirl wants a visual stripped, the tip is to bet on or short jeans combined with a basic t-shirt and neutral. Avoid prints, since the cross country boot already calls all the attention and has many details.

Rustic and elegant

For an elegant look, opt for more shirts worked or fluid dresses. Rodeos, concerts and country ballads are great environments for modelling with a cross country boot. If you want to keep the balance in the look, abuse of colors used in the boot. For example, if it has turquoise embroidery, use top pieces that have similar or complementary hues.