5 Strange Things Happening in Pregnancy

A large belly is the most visible sign of pregnancy, but there are some signs and symptoms that are more or less frequent during pregnancy.

5 Strange Things Happening in Pregnancy

Dizziness, increased hunger, drowsiness, craving for sweet foods, craving for salty foods, urge to urinate are the most common pregnancy symptoms; however, these vary from woman to woman and from pregnancy to pregnancy.

During pregnancy the body adapts to the new state and some strange situations happen, most of them return to normal some time after the birth of the baby.

Strange Things That Occur in Pregnancy

Big heart

The heart of a mother increases to fit all the love for the children, but the truth is that during pregnancy the heart of the pregnant woman increases in volume and increases the heart rate to be able to pump blood and oxygen for the baby and also for the mom.

Big feet

Most pregnant women increase 1 or 2 numbers on their shoes, weight gain, fluid retention and bloating are some of the factors for this, and most of them go back to the previous number, but many continue to wear a number even after delivery .

Smell sharp

Pregnant women often get sick of some smells, some even get sick of the smell of their partners, during pregnancy the smell of pregnant women gets more intense.

Peat sight

Another sense affected during pregnancy is vision, but if the sense of smell gets worse the vision gets worse, some pregnant women even have difficulty reading TV subtitles, reading labels, books and magazines. Most professionals do not recieve glasses during gestation and breastfeeding because in most cases it is a transient situation.

Larger nails

During pregnancy the body produces more estrogen, this excess is perfect for strengthening the nails, for the hair to become stronger and the skin brighter.