9 Tricks to Make You Look Thinner in a Bikini

When temperatures start to rise, some women start to feel intimidated, because they know that soon it will be time to put the Bikini and go to the beach or pool.

These are definitely very delicious moments, however, be concerned with the items of swimwear and much of the body’s normal show.

Have you ever got worked up about your body to wear a bikini? If the answer was Yes check out the 9 tricks to look thinner in bikinis and let the shame in the past!

Simple tricks to look thinner in a bikini

1. smart Pose for photo

In times of social networks is virtually impossible to go to the beach or enjoy a day at the pool with her friends without registering the moment, isn’t it?

Yes, if you start having panic attacks that photo you can use your cunning to evade the embarrassment.

Poses in which the body is as tight as possible and that an arm eventually pass in front of the belly are great requested to look thinner in a bikini.

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2. Choose high-waisted bikini

For many women the great difficulty to sculpt the body is getting rid of the dreaded belly and love handles the outer thighs.

The best way to keep everyone on the beach see what bothers you is to opt for a high-waisted bikini.

And before you think this is a lame piece, note that you can bet on sensuality with side cutouts, for example. In addition is a bikini very fashionista.

3. Bikini style top

Usually women with larger breasts tend to bother more with your body in a bikini. One way to make your silhouette seem more thin, is trying to mask the size of the bust.

A special trick to it, is to choose a bikini bra which offer stability to the breasts and to be a bit larger, as a top.

Combine with a panties a bit larger also helps because it creates an idea of more elongated silhouette.

4. Overlays

Create two lines in the center of the body is a trick used by women on a daily basis to make your silhouette seem more thin visually.

You can take this idea to the beach too. One way to do this with a lot of style is to bet on more differentiated parts as a Japanese style kimono.

Just not worth if shy of taking the play to take sea bath, okay?

5. Bikinis with transpassados

If what’s bothering you is a small protrusion on the belly tip is simple, you can use bikinis that have passed strips in front.

The effect of diagonal lines help to make the stay more balanced silhouette so that visually looks like you’re thinner.

This trick also applies to who has breasts and want to have more support.

6. Fringe

One of the trends for swimwear is add fringes the pieces, and that can help you look thinner in a bikini.

What scares many women is the idea of leaving a strip of skin shows (between the bra and panties), you can mask this region with fringes.

Just choose a combination in which the BRA has the friendly allies, plus you get more quiet style.

7. Bikini skirt

A great option for those who want to have control over your visual on the beach, is to opt for a piece that’s been doing a lot of that success is the Bikini skirt.

Basically it is a versatile alternative to the beach that offers, for those who are worked up about the potbelly, a chance to create a skirt over my bikini or even turn the set in a bathing suit just by pulling a cord. Very practical, isn’t it?

8. Balance of proportions

To look thinner in a bikini you can use the good old trick of balancing the proportions, i.e. search use flat pieces and darker colors in your body that is higher, while in the area visually less add a printed piece.

This causes the area that is less appear larger and larger area seem shorter thus creating a relationship of balance that ultimately leaves you with a most beautiful silhouette.

9. dark-colored Bikini

A tip that never fails when it comes to appear visually slimmer, is to opt for bikinis of dark colors.

Look for a color that enhance your skin tone and invest in this item. If the bra and panties are slightly larger, also contributes to that look once to help you blend in a little more skin.

Nothing like being able to count on the solid dark colors and to save your look.