A Samsung Galaxy S6 7.0 Android Nougat Is Seen in GFXBench

While Google launched Android Nougat at the end of last August, the vast majority of supported devices are still waiting for the update. Earlier this month left him clear distribution of updates figures: only 0.3% of devices were updated to Nougat. However, with the beginning of several beta programs, this figure could start rising soon and the Samsung Galaxy S6 are two candidates to clog up the list of teams with Nougat.

Samsung recently began testing phase of 7.0 Android for the Samsung Galaxy S7, their current flagship, but will not be the only ones to receive their ration of Nougat. Samsung is also testing the new version last year models and today becomes a GFXBench screenshot to confirm this.

The screenshot above shows a benchmark results carried out the Samsung Galaxy S6 7.0 Android Nougat. SamMobile warn that a benchmark of this type is easily falsifiable, but if we add to this a few days ago they confirmed the start of the development of this version, everything indicates that the update is on the way and should not take too.

As we said before, Samsung is in the process of testing with the duo Galaxy S7, and knowing his usual strategy of updates, We will not see Nougat by the S6 before the S7, their current flagship, have received the update, something we expect to happen sooner than later.

Other teams in the list of updates is Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Currently there are no tracks on this model but it is expected that it will be updated at the same time that the S6 Galaxy or perhaps immediately after. In any case, after the controversy with the Galaxy Note 7, any attempt to repair the brand image will be well received, and Updates policy is one of the aspects to improve.