Adobe: Flash is the Future of Gaming and Videos (and Pass Away From Linux)

Although its development is practically dead in mobile platforms, Flash still survives in desktop systems. And to prove it to Adobe released a platform development roadmap(PDF), which shows where the company plans to invest. This script reveals some interesting items, including the fact that Flash for Linux will be discontinued.

But before the bad news, let the good: games and videos are the main areas in which Adobe will focus, in relation to fixing bugs and development of Flash. Adobe says that “games continue to push technological boundaries” and Flash accompanies this area very well, differing with hardware video acceleration, support for 3D rendering, a rich development ecosystem for gaming and many others.

Already on the video, Adobe says it is still in its infancy. Apparently the company ignores the fact that Netflix and other companies can already take a good profit with these videos, although they use Silverlight and not Flash. This Microsoft platform known to offer better content protection for video on the web, which prevents piracy. Interestingly the script says conteúdi protection will be one of the points to be invested, which indicates that Adobe may try to take a sliver of the Microsoft market.

All this focus on other development efforts leaves little time aside for your Linux version. Because of that Adobe will no longer host the plug-ins for Flash this system and, in his place, will direct Linux users to Chrome that comes with support for playback of Flash videos embedded. So the company is not pretending that Linux users do not exist, are just directing them to a different path.

This platform abandonment will only be effected with the arrival of version 11.2 of Flash Player. And yet, the company plans to release security patches, the same scheme that makes Android for five years.

Version 11.2 will arrive in the first quarter of this year and will bring features like support click the middle mouse button (oooh!) And hardware acceleration in most video cards. After that, the Cyril version should arrive in the second half and Dolores arrives in the third, both with a focus on games.

The Trevix and column little games Addictive Week thank Adobe’s efforts in the games area in Flash.