An Error in a Router Vodafone Leaves Its Customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa No Service BlackBerry

Back to skip the alarm among users of BlackBerry devices but this time the problem comes not from RIM but a specific operator, Vodafone. Customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa of the operator carry hours unused BlackBerry services on their devices and although in principle the problem could be blamed to manufacturer the operator has revealed to be they perpetrators of the fall.

Since the beginning of this Friday many users with terminals BlackBerry red operator have perceived not receiving emails on their devices, problem that only occurred among customers of Vodafone. As expected, RIM has been quick to confirm that the problem did not come from her womb to what Vodafone has not more than confirm that problem was in them:

Vodafone can confirm that some BlackBerry customers experiencing problems with their data services this morning in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The problem has been caused by an error in a router… Services are in the process of being reestablished and we continue to monitor the situation. We apologise to customers for the inconvenience caused, we will continue updating according to the needs.

Nor it is the first time that BlackBerry users suffer a fall the service although perhaps more the dream of all was that occurred in October 2011, when millions of customers of RIM devices all over the world were left without data services for days, that operators in general responded with ridiculous compensation.