Analyzing The Rates for BlackBerry Internet Service: Movistar and Vodafone

Do not discover anything new if we see the “ matted ” of the mobile rates, the Kingdom of exceptions and the small print. But if within this mess has chosen the number one in terms of confusion this author votes by the rates for BlackBerry. We are talking about what is known generically as BlackBerry Internet Service o BIS.

For the uninitiated will comment that, leaving aside WiFi connections, if we speak of connections the “ BlackBerries ” have three possibilities: connection through the tunnel BIS, the connection through WAP and connect through a APN or the corresponding operator regular access point.

Where is the problem? Maybe that names, descriptions and conditions of the rates of BlackBerry They include one way or other expressions that suggest that we we have a fee total flat this not being the case. We can say safely that the traffic of mail through the application of BlackBerry It is included, but leaving this doubts are many.

As I have done in other entries concerning rates treatment focus on personal experience, that is, they are not generalizable but have value telling first-hand. According to this criterion I won’t make anything of the rates BlackBerry of Orange and I will focus on Movistar y Vodafone.

In the case of Movistar the problem facing users is the existence of connections WAP listed as connections to moción with a high cost and rate flat. This is a serious problem and that there is no information clear already that although it is turned off APN, service books, or configurations of moción There is no guarantee that these connections are not produced. In my experience the only effective method is to apply for the low of moción on the line and we can say that it is not easy.

If we are talking about setting up APN of Movistar additional data flat rate as here can say that it is flat out rate and will be charged as it has contracted or not. And what configure an APN other than of the BIS? So very simple, so an application data traffic go by BIS the developer must pay a royalty to RIM or any of its subsidiaries and not all want or can, so as popular as Evernote applications priced separately.

¿Y Vodafone? Because we can not assure anything yet. My experience as a user of Vodafone BlackBerry It is two months and I have two completely opposite sides. The first month with a line configured with the rate BlackBerry Professional 18 EUR (without VAT) month is “ accumulated ” an expenditure of data (later speak of this) 200 euros in connections Vodafone Live! (I set the APN of Vodafone Live! for use between other Evernote) which end of the month resulted in the collection of the BlackBerry rate 18 euros.

Instead this month I is off the data service from twice, one after an accumulated expense of about 300 euros and 600 euros. In the first case was me it reactivated without more information, and in the second and they indicate that the problem is that I have wrong activated rate, which so that you do not pass this sign up the Rate BlackBerry and the You flat rate data (of twelve euros). That in contrast to Movistar it won’t cost me 18 + 12 euros but that will be only that of 18 euros but has to be activated.

The mystery is that you unless the month last had a promotion in Vodafone Live! nothing has changed in my line and I have applied for high or low rate any. The incidence is open.

Regardless of stated my conclusion as a customer is that a good company must put at the disposal of its customers a online consumer information system reliable and fast. Thanks to the good of Movistar I’ve avoided for years these rates scares since the system informs you connections, cost, etc. By contrast the system of Vodafone It is very limited to only reporting of global voice, SMS and data and in the latter case values without taking into account flat rates or not.