Android 4.4 for October? LG France Says That If

Since early last month, was announced as strangely as officer the new version of Android, that he would bring the numbering 4.4. Since then have arisen countless rumors about features and dates.

What today once again to talk about are the possible dates for this new version of Android that at the moment nothing is known fixed, even though the information that LG has given to one of its customers in France. The history is that of a customer who, like many, asks a company regarding an update via Facebook.

The reason was couple ask for the LG Optimus G to version 4.4 update, and the page itself says that this terminal in particular will receive the upgrade during the month of October. It is not normal that a new version is released so close to its announcement, which returns to ask and confirm you that you will receive this information is totally legit.

This may indicate that the companies themselves are already preparing to launch this version of Android and the official launch is carried out throughout this month, being 28 one of the days that sound stronger. Google has already announced that the manufacturers could have access to new versions of Android before the official announcements, but even so, this information is better to take it cautiously to keep us in disappointment.