Android Nougat Has a Way Hidden to Take Screen Captures of a Region

The experience of making a screenshot on Android varies greatly according to the taste of Android device, but in general it is normal that you can only make a screenshot of the entire screen. If you later want to trim or censor something, you must then Open the capture and edit.

This may be about to change as evidenced by this commit in the source code for Android which literally reads”added function of partial screenshot “in TakeScreenshotService and added the corresponding shortcut in PhoneWindowManager”. Since the Android community has not stopped to investigate and activate this capture areas of the screen in Nougat as porting it to earlier versions of Android.

You select what you want to capture

The regions of the screen capture isn’t much less something new. In PC is almost a must since the display can show many things that you want to capture, but the phones screen is so small that we have taken years to realize that we needed a faster way a region of the screen, and not entirely. This mode is already in Android Nougat, though it is not enabled, and here you can see it in operation in this video.

To activate it in Android Nougat the author of the video above has changed a line of code from your ROM (Nitrogen OS to Nexus4) to invoke the function takeScreenshotPartial() instead of the normal takeScreenshot. The result is that when you take a screenshot you can Select the screen region to capture before do it.

As I mentioned at the commit of Android, it’s also possible to activate regions of the screen by capturing a keyboard shortcut. In this case it is the shortcut Control + (Windows key or Command key) Meta + Shift + S, for which you will need an external keyboard.

In N-ify for earlier versions of Android

N-ify is a module of Xposed available for Lollipop and Marshmallow that brings you several features in theory unique Nougat to earlier versions. The compilation available here (Build 758) includes support for the partial screenshots in Marshmallow and potentially in Lollipop, although this has not been tested.

To prove it, you must have installed and activated on your mobile Xposed, download N-ify from here and activate the option Enable partial screenshot in the options experimental. These options only appear after playing in the logo a few times, in the about screen.