Apple and Samsung Bury The Hatchet of War, But Only Outside of The United States

New chapter, and seems to last, in the absurd war of patents to Samsung and Apple – with some other affair with Google of by middle – waged since long time ago.

It now appears that both manufacturers are willing to bury the hatchet, following the agreement between Apple, Google, and the European Union, by signing the peace in similar conditions and only outside the United States.

The official statement both firms have made public is simple and very resounding:

Apple and Samsung have agreed to abandon all claims between the two companies outside United States.

Both companies they kept open processes in several countries, as United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan and even in the home country of Samsung, South Korea.

Apple accused Samsung of copying the design of the iPhone, and Samsung Apple demanded by patents in relation to the use of certain basic functionality of smartphones.

The decision does more than rejoice, as these legal battles have been an absurdity since long time ago, and also lot of time and resources saved to Samsung and Apple in trivial disputes that may now be dedicated to other major sections.

That Yes, both companies have made it clear they have not smoked the pipe of peace, because there has been no agreement to license patents in discord, and in the United States will continue all the legal processes.