Apple Prepares Focus On Health And Exercise With Ios 8 And Iwatch

All the giants of the technology industry are adapting to the new realities and emerging challenges.

With the launch of wearable technologies new business and investment opportunities are emerging.

Rumors now presented account for Apple’s willingness to invest in this area, giving an important focus to the areas of health and exercise. And for that will feature iOS 8 and the much awaited iWatch.

New information on Apple’s plans for its entry into the world of wearable have now emerged and account for the arrival of the long-awaited iWatch, coupled with a new version of iOS on Rumors have surfaced that this new iOS 8 will be released later this year.

All these plans will be centered on two fundamental pillars. The first will be the launch of a new version of iOS, which will include an application for tracking and recording a set of data associated with exercise and other user parameters.

The name of this application will be Healthbook and will have the ability to record the steps given by the user, the calories consumed or the distance traveled.

The Healthbook functions will be identical to what we already have with the Nike Fuel Band and many others. But what will distinguish this application from the rest is the ability to record and monitor and analyze vital signs of users, noting, for example, the level of hydration, blood pressure or heart rate.

And this is where the second pillar of this plan comes in. The device that will have the ability to record all this data and transmit them to the iPhone will be the long awaited iWatch.

It is known that Apple has been developing its watch and that it will probably have the ability to record this vital data of users, which will be presented through the Healthbook, which will come with iOS 8.

Apple has been incorporating a number of physicians and people in the iWatch development team into the iWatch development team, revealing that this device may have the capabilities to support the Healthbook application.

All of this information has been gathered by 9to5mac , and comes from sources related to the developments of iOS 8 and iWatch.

According to what has been presented, the launch of these two novelties will happen during the year 2014, both being presented simultaneously, since they are dependent on each other.