Ask Manolo: T-Shirt During V-Ringed?

Hey and thanks for a superb blog. I love to wear v-neck knit sweater and then preferably in combination with a shirt (on the job). But in his spare time, it can feel a bit too formal with shirts, I have since had a t-shirt underneath, which my friends loved is totally wrong. But just having a sweater but slightly below does not feel so comfortable considering underarm sweat etc. Then have to wash the sweater very often, which is hard considering how long it takes to dry a shirt by tex. lambswool.

The question is what you think it should be under a knit, v-neck sweater if you do not want shirt, f the headset functions with t-shirt attributed that to see the t-shirt in “v-form”?

With kind regards
Freddie K

It’s a bit of a pity that you see the shirt as a formal item in this context. A shirt is incredibly much nicer with a v-neck sweater and the colors and the pattern of the shirt can get more space if you roll up your sleeves and roll up skjortmanschetten.

Many dress sadly down at his leisure time compared to how they are dressed at work when the opposite may sometimes would be more justified. As you can see from the image above, the result of the t-shirt under your shirt a little flat.

A little less formal alternative to the shirt, polo shirt (polon), which with its collar gives the face the backdrop that would otherwise disappear in the v-neckline. You can also choose to complement the t-shirt with a scarf of some sort, to achieve a similar effect, as proexchangerates suggests.