Asus Is Getting Ready for Christmas Giving Books on the Kobo Store

Asus is getting ready for Christmas by offering advantages to buyers who purchase a Android product for the Christmas period, namely until 31 December. By purchasing an Asus device, you can request a coupon code with which you can access various exclusive content of Kobo for free.

You will only need to download from the app Store Play ASUS Plus and the Kobo and enter the promotional code (valid until 16 January) to qualify for a best seller to choose from:”Pilgrim” by Terry Hayes (thriller genre); “Fallen” by Lauren Kate, which will soon be taken on film; or even “blue is a hot color” by Julie Maroh, which was made into the hit movie “the warmest colour”.
You can also read free magazine issues 3: Friend, dwell and Where.

Customers who purchase a new ZenPad tablet or smartphone ZenFone can also enjoy the exclusive warranty ASUS ZenCare +. This guarantee allows you to receive, in the event of a technical fault occurring within one year from the date of purchase, not just the classic instrument repair under warranty but also a compensation equal to the price of the device. In case of accidental damage instead, usually not covered under warranty, such as liquids, drops, and broken display, the customer will be entitled to immediate replacement with the same model or equivalent.