Available for Download The Multimedia Elements of Android 4.2

It does not even a week that we know Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and however the new version of Android has not stopped giving us headlines in recent days. On this occasion, the leaks are to blame, and it is that they have just seen by the network all multimedia elements and even the complete system Nexus 4 ready for download.

It is of the collection of images of wallpaper and sounds on the, but not only that, but that you can also download all the applications of the system included the keyboard and camera, as well as a complete dump of the new device from Google and LG firmware.

Obviously, care must be taken with what gets in our device, although probably the scene has already adapted new applications to most supported devices, so We encourage you to search specific mods for your devices.

The complete dump will serve to advanced users to see how Android 4.2 and adapt their applications and developments, as well as cooks for the creation of ROMs.

In terms of sounds and wallpapers, some are inherited from Android 4.1, and although it will not be like having Android 4.2, many will surely be interested in download to give you a touch of novelty to their current devices, so here We leave the links to them: