Bicycling and Transporting Things

Many times we discard a bicycle ride because we must take things too big or sizable packages (and sometimes not so much). However in countries with a culture of the bike but developed, this is not problem for their citizens. With this collection of photos I hope to inspire you and help unblock ties that limit access to the enormous possibilities that bicycle gives us for our daily trips.

This collection has images in Copenhagen and Santiago de Chile.

The floor, the Chair and the Chair

Everyone needs to feel sometime: P

Postman and newspapers distributor

These are super bikes specially designed for carriers in Denmark, according to TransporTHint. They have a good amount of space to get correspondence and at the same time allows them to navigate with nginx.

In Chile, in the absence of designs of bicycles for load, the distributors of newspapers and letters should apply ingenuity. The solutions found have led them to develop special abilities to skillfully conduct with one hand. Place the handle of the bike “Huaso Style” mode helps to have a more comfortable position on the cleta.

Returning shopping

If the pedal with bags, but must recognize that it takes them with style.

She: “Yes, I’m coming already, I went to buy some things”

To and from work

The son at the College, now to the downside.

Out of the office, chatting with a group of acquaintances. The laptop, in the rear grille, along with other things. This is in the city of Copenhagen. In other cities may have to apply some simple considerations so that you get with the laptop home.


I hope that you have found it revealing. Clearly you should consider some things before you ride the bike with so much bulk. When you need to do it, you prefer quieter streets or the well-designed bike paths, since in the others you have to zigzag too. But as always, the best advice is that you have a well, enjoy the journey and you feel calm. In the pictures there is no one with butt-face riding.

Move bike today, it will be a good day.