Bikerfilme – Cult, Trash And Niche Cinema

Since Marlon Brando in “the wild one” in 1953 was a model of Teddy boys and teenage Wolfpack, swarm of good daughters and prototype of the outlaws on two wheels, is a separate category of Bikerfilm. Since then, stories find their way onto the canvas, providing modern cowboys on motorcycles at the Centre at regular intervals.Most of them never make it in the movies. The mix of Western, rocker drama and love tearjerker, which touch many directors in fast forward, and with the help of moderately talented B-movie actor in leather is not convincing. There are a few beads for the long days where the own machine has already started hibernation.

“The Wild One”-The Granddaddy Of All Bikerfilme

“The wild one” (in the German version of “The wild one”) by Director László Benedek is regarded as the first Bikerfilm of history. Marlon Brando finally gained immortality in the lead role as the leader of a motorcycle gang, which terrorized the American town of Wrightsville. The scene was especially famous in the Johnny alias Brando is asked what he actually rebelliere, and to which responds: “what’ve you got?” As traders of leather jackets after the film’s release of “the wild one” achieved sales records based on TECHNOLOGY-WIKI, the public performance of the film due to his controversial action in England was prohibited from 1968 into the year. Elvis Presley based on Marlon Brando is also included in its possibly the best film role in ‘ jailhouse rock ‘.

“Easy Rider” – Road Movie With Legendary Soundtrack

“Easy Rider” by Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda and the lesser-known Terry Southern is a cult long and should be missing in any collection of Bikerfilmen. The Odyssey of two hippies through an America in which where hippies, rednecks and listener of all kinds abound – and at the end of kill each other – is now considered a cinematic milestone. In addition the legendary soundtrack, even today with the Harley represents the perfect background music for a trip. With Steppenwolf, Jimi Hendrix, the band and The Byrds, the elite of rock music in the late 60s Frolics in “Easy Rider”. Who here not in the mood for a road trip comes, which isn’t going to help.

“Hell Ride” – Tarantino’s Contribution To The Genre

In “Hell Ride”, published in 2008, is directed by Larry Bishop. But none other than Quentin Tarantino acted as producer. Still, the film criticism and public went swimming.Much depth offers the story of the outlaws Pistolero, which takes revenge for his girlfriend his biker gang members of the Cherokee, actually not. Friends of oblique trash with high potential for violence are here at their own expense. Also Dennis Chopper was allowed to rise for “Hell Ride” by the way, in the saddle again.

“Quadrophenia” – War Between Mods And Rockers

A film based on a plate that has rarity value. “Quadrophenia” is probably the most famous example of this. At the heart of the story, for the who in 1973 had laid the Foundation with their eponymous album, are the clashes between mods and rockers in the England of the 60s. Both move in the film prefers to two-wheeled vehicles, the rockers on heavy motorcycles and their arch-enemies on motor scooters. A pure Bikerfilm “Quadrophenia” is of course not, there are in addition to good actors to enjoy here again excellent rock music, above all, by the who.

“Americana” – A Bikerfilm Of A Different Kind

Who neither lust on trash still on cult has, can try it once with a Bikerfilm of a different kind. In “Americana”, a film directed by James Merendino, two friends on the way from South Dakota get to Los Angeles. Actually they want to use a Harley Davidson which he inherited from his uncle Chris (James Duval). This however surprisingly turns out as Italian Vespa. Already at this point, it is clear that in this Bikerfilm everything more slowly goes forward. He is a Dogma95 movie. Who now gets scared that he should read only a few books on this movie experience, may be reassured. “Americana” is a silent “Vespafilm”, which waived on (almost) all ingredients of classic Bikerfilme and is still pretty fun. You must not be too completely sober.