BlackBerry Storm Already with Vodafone

Vodafone has launched today exclusive the new terminal of RIM which also aims to deal with the iPhone 3 G as we’ve seen with other terminals on the operator and which will reach stores from November 14.

The new Blackberry Storm is a HSDPA terminal with multi-touch screen of 3.25 inches and high quality, camera of 3.15 megapixel, bluetooth, GPS receiver and 1GB of internal memory (plus 8GB card micro sd included) Although primarily noted for work in multi-tasking and use technologies ClickThrough and hapitca that make the use of a touch screen very similar to the use of a physical keyboard.

On the negative side is that does not have WiFi, something that Vodafone does not give too much importance since the data rate associated with Blackberry service 18 euros per month includes the management of up to 10 email accounts and unlimited navigation (unlimited megabytes or speed) to enjoy renewed browser GPS Find & Go free during 2 months, access MP3 songs through Vodafone Music and navigate through social networks, YouTube or any website.

Since the terminal may not be bought free, with Vodafone contract options are 449 euros without permanence or stay of 18 months according to the type of solo voice/voz+datos(18€): with High’s new number by 419/339 euros, with migration prepaid to any contract by 229/189 euros and with portability by 349/199 euros with minimum consumption of 9€ per month, 309/139 euros with 25 and 269/19 Relax relaxation 50 euros.

Will also be available in the points program from 250 points + stay of 18 months + € 18/month data fee + 209 euros (or £ 100 more unsigned permanence). The coming week will be announced the prices for companies.

Vodafone has also included in his catalog of individuals the BlackBerry Bold until now only was for companies but that can be achieved from 250 individual points + stay of 18 months + 329 EUR.