Busch and Müller Brand Lighting

German manufacturer of accessories for security for bicycle, Busch & Müller is a recognized brand. The company has made a name in the field of the bicycle lights. She is also known for its innovations such as the E-werk or the IQ2. Today, we tell you a little more on this supplier, especially on products that contributed to its reputation.

Busch and Muller company presentation

Busch & Müller is currently part of the leader in Bicycle accessories. The company is based in Meinerzhagen, in the Sauerland region. It designs and manufactures all of its products in Germany. Each year it offers customers new increasingly efficient accessories. On the market, so it sells a wide range of products, namely: headlights, phone holders, chargers, and more.

As a reminder, it is in 1925 the company was founded. At the time its premises were in the Volmestrasse in Meinerzhagen. It’s since 1962 that she moved to Auf dem Bamberg. At its beginnings, the brand produced reflectors for bicycles. The small factory founded by Willy Müller and August Busch had then only 8 employees. It was in 1975, for its 50 years of existence that it reached the number of 50 employees. Busch & Müller will then start to expand its product range. From that moment, it will start production of rear lights, headlights, dynamos, but also mirrors… Later, in 1997 she will be certified according to the ISO 9001 standard. SE will follow later innovations that will contribute to its success.

Technologies used by brand

Busch & Müller is known to be responsible for several innovations. It has for example developed Lumotec IQ, allowing cyclists to enjoy a 40 Lux lighting. She also developed IQ2, another technology that can offer up to 70 Lux. To satisfy the demands and needs of cyclists in all circumstances.

LineTec technology

LinteTec has been developed by Busch & Müller to ensure more visibility for cyclists. Bicycle dynamo TopLight Line Plus rear lighting is one of the products using this innovation. It offers a patented lens system consisting of two light emitting diodes. The fire has two parts: the light and the reflector. The position light consists of a clear strip that houses two diodes. He is then able to show a tape of homogeneous red and brilliant light to illuminate on the sides in a radius of 320 °. LineTec has allowed to increase the visibility of the cyclist on the road. It can be seen almost in all directions. Motorists Meanwhile can better estimate the distance from the bike.

The function more

The German mark was also at the origin of the famous service ‘Plus’, an innovation introduced by Busch & Müller in the 1990s and today became a standard security. Currently, when the products come with the suffix ‘Plus’, this means that they offer the “Standlight” feature Reminder, this function allows to keep the bike lights on even when stationary.

The Senso function

With respect to this innovation, the brand developed it to automatically activate the lighting of the bicycle. To do this, a sensor is used. He starts the fire and the lighthouse as soon as the ambient light drops. Senso function also works in the opposite direction. Lighting can turn off as soon as the sensor detects ambient light is sufficient again. Thanks Senso, cyclists no longer have to worry about turning on or not their lighting. In all cases, they are sure to be visible and, as soon as conditions.

BrakeTech technology

For rear bike lights, Busch & Müller has also brought a practical innovation to cyclists. It’s the BrakeTec technology that allows the rear lights to benefit a function of fire of slowdown. With BrakeTec, an internal processor is used to detect the rate of rotation of the dynamo wheel. When the speed drops, it activates and discharge the capacitor. The result is an increase in the brightness of the fire that shines more than when it serves as a position light. In this way, the vehicles that follow the bike can more clearly determine that the cyclist that precedes curbs, to avoid being surprised.

Licht 24 technology

In its products, Busch & Müller also uses the Licht24 technology. It allows cyclists to lighting quality equal to that of motorists. This innovation has been developed to make the daytime running lights of bike. To achieve this result, the mark relied on the performance of IQ technology. She made sure that headlights produce a brightness of 40 lux, making them operational for day and night use. Licht 24 today allows fires to issue two different light beams available via a day mode and night mode.

Technology IQ – TEC and IQ-2

Among the technologies used by Busch & Müller, we can also find IQ – TEC. It is thanks to her that cyclists can enjoy a greater light intensity to near field lighting. This in addition to a wider light twice. IQ – TEC allows users to be on the road. The field of vision offered with this product is much more important. What increase (better see) active safety and passive safety (to be seen) of its user.

Further still, Busch & Müller has developed its technology IQ2. His goal has been to offer to cyclists ‘The’ most powerful system operating via a bike dynamo. IQ2 is found especially in the fire front of bike Luxos U 90 lux Lumotec IQ2. He is the model offering to date high lighting efficiency.

With this technology, the manufacturer has optimized the position of the LED and the reflector. The fire emits light still more powerful and homogeneous. The use of a Prism to expand the light beam on the sides, which allows to enjoy a scenic lighting. Light intensity goes up to 90 lux. Two modes are available for the user: the normal mode with the radius of 90 lux and the Eco mode with 70 lux.

Close Range Light technology

For bike always safer travel, Busch & Müller has also developed Close Range Light. What allow cyclists to better distinguish the road directly in front of them. The lighthouse lights up intensely just at 1 m from the bike. Then it becomes easier to anticipate and avoid the holes or other obstacles. Several brand products benefit from this technology, such as the LUMOTEC IQ2 LUXOS or LUMOTEC IQ Fly.

The products of the brand

Front bike lights

Busch & Müller offers different front lights among its range of products. On dynamo and battery-powered models are available according to the preferences and needs.

The front lights on dynamo

The manufacturer offers efficient fires whose power is supplied via a dynamo. Some important progress has been made in this area. They are now able to reach their full luminous power of 6V / 3 W at 10 km/h. The available models include the Lumotec IQ-X or even the Lumotec IQ Cyo. The most powerful of this range is the Luxos B which benefits both technology Lumotec IQ2 and Senso function.

Fires before battery-operated and rechargeable via USB

The brand also sells different fires including the Pure Ixon and IXON IQ Premium battery. Others are supplied via a Lithium battery, like the IQ Eyro or the Ixon Core. They enjoy the IQ2 technologies or the Close Range Light. It is possible to easily recharge via battery or a USB cable. Their autonomy is more than enough to ensure a safe use on a daily basis.

Rear bike lights

Rear lights models, include the TOPLIGHT Line plus, TOPLIGHT Flat S or even TOPLIGHT Mini… Here it is also possible to choose between lights on dynamo or rechargeable lights according to the needs

The rear lights on dynamo

As for the headlights, the rear lights of the brand can be powered via a dynamo. This is the case of the TopLight Line more who uses LineTec technology. For this model, light capacitor can be charged after only three minutes of driving. It turns off only four minutes after stopping the bike or when you want, at a switch.

Rear lights rechargeable batteries

If you don’t have a dynamo, Busch & Müller rear lights are available in rechargeable versions. You can choose between models such as the IXBACK Senso, the IXBACK or even the IX – RED. All are designed to be both practical and effective. The IXBACK for example offers up to 25 hours of autonomy, all thanks to rechargeable AAA batteries.

Fires for electric bikes

Of course, the brand thought users of EAB. She offers for this type of bike products like the taillight TOPLIGHT, or even beacon LUMOTEC IQ2 Eyc. These lights plug directly into the battery of the electric bike. High-performance, they provide high visibility for cyclists.

The other brand products

Aside from lighting, bike mirrors, transformers or lights on headphones are offered by the manufacturer.

Rear-view mirrors

For mirrors, Busch & Müller offers the Star Cycle for example. This accessory is both practical and easy to use. It can settle on the handlebar itself, via a collar or on its tip. It is equipped with a convex mirror offering excellent vision and is also compatible with the ATV. To better see what happens behind you, it has a 13 cm arm. In addition to this model, the CYCLE STAR 80 (equipped with a mirror of 80 mm) is also available in addition to other models such as the E-Bike-Mirrors for the VAE.


Various transformers are also to be found in the catalog of the brand. As a reminder it comes to systems that allow today to recharge its Smartphone, MP3 or GPS, cycling on the bike. In the range, you can find the famous E-WERK or even USB-WERK. Do not hesitate to consult our article on this topic to learn more about these transformers.

Lights on bike helmet

Finally, Busch & Müller also has a lighting system on bike helmet, Top Fire. Simply attach this device which is activated via a switch / stop on the helmet. This light and the most effective accessory is compatible with almost all bicycle helmets. The specific provision of the Red Flashing LEDs allows the rider to be visible from a distance. To operate, simply him to a round battery. Its autonomy is about 180 h. What ride quiet and safe day and night, in the city as on the beaten path. You know a little more about Mark Busch & Müller. If you are looking for a product from the manufacturer, please visit our site. You will find many models of rear lights, headlights, transformers or mirrors, accessories that are still essential to ride safely.