Cap Manual: Learn How To Use The Accessory

First adopted by the athletes, the cap ended up becoming a unanimity among the more stylish guys.

He was once the icon of the sport and of musical movement: the cap is almost unanimous when it comes to men’s hats. In addition to the basic protection function, it is an article that can make a difference in the visual.

First adopted by athletes, more specifically baseball players, the cap has become essential for anyone engaging in any kind of physical activity under the sun. No wonder, the accessory has become a trademark of some athletes, such as the Australian tennis player Lleyton Hewitt, and the American Andy Roddick.

But who really turned the cap into a style accessory were the rap and hip-hop moves. How can we not remember Tupac and the Public Enemy guys wearing their caps during the rhymes? No movement has popularized and incorporated the item so well into its lifestyle. And it was precisely them that brought back the straight flap – or snapback – that was a fever in the 90s.

The fact is that the cap injects joviality into any look. Therefore, it is worth betting on it for the moments in which you want to give more style and, in some cases, hide the hair that was not properly combed. Whether with the flap straight or curved, it is worth investing in a basic cap, a single color, and a print.Remember that sports caps should be restricted to training moments.

At Men’s Market , you’ll find a selection of caps , from basic to printed, to create a more relaxed look. Here are some options:

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