Catfish on Worms Artificial

Drag the bait on the bottom, with a little jumping

Some surprises end up revealing new and exciting ways of fishing. It happened during a fishing trip with worms plastic behind traíras in a fishing ground of são paulo. I was surprised by a fish that gave a knock violently on the rod, and it fought both that I thought to be the most betrayed of my life. But when the animal came to the fore showing wattles in place of sharp teeth, I realized with great joy that I actually had been struggling with a painted.It would be an isolated case if the hook is not a repeat of, with the actions of other fish smooth as cacharas and catfishes using the same material.

Catfish on Worms Artificial

If in nature it is rare to hear about the capture of fish leather with this technique, the fishing conditions and the behavior of the species are totally different. The physical limitation and the enormous diversity of the types of bait offered daily to the fish confined are summed to the natural aggressiveness of catfish predators. This helps to explain the incidence of attacks on artificial worms in these environments. The basic work consists of dragging the bait on the bottom with small jumps along the way, but there are always extra tips that can increase the yield of the fishery.

What to use:

The equipment varies according to the size and structure of the lake.

> Set: medium weight, with rods between 6 feet (1.83 m) and 6’6” (1.98 m), for lines between 15 and 20lb, fast action

> Line: low elasticity, such as the braided or fluorcabono, are indicated as much by sensitivity as by the rapid transmission of the baited

> Leader: required when using multi line. Preferably fluorocarbon, less visible to the fish and more abrasion resistant, the case scrape on rocks and stumps that can appear in the path

> Baits: artificial worms 4 to 6 inches, mounted in system Texas or Carolina-Rig (see Box)

> Hooks: type offset, for black bass fishing, in sizes 1/0 to 3/0, depending on the size of the bait

> Weights: tapered, between 5 and 10g

Tips hot:

> Times and places: during the day the fish leather are usually located in areas of greater depth. Already at the end of the afternoon, it is normal to seek the margins, to hunt for, so do not let direct the pitches parallel to the ravine.

> Working speed of the bait: a little larger than in the catch of black bass. How fish leather hardly attack the bait if it is stopped in the background, let the earthworm always on the move.

> Colors: your choice depends on the coloring of the water and light the external. I have obtained good results with baits in greens and browns.

> Salt: worms of the salt are safe for more time for the fish and help the fisherman at the time of the hook.

> If one had betrayed him to appear, and “detonate” the bait, a good tip is to heat up a knife or a knife and pass on the cut to melt and weld back the damaged part.

> The tip behind the back of hooks allows fishing in places with enroscos. On the other hand, requires baited firm to go through the body of the worm and hook the fish.