Chess Shirt For Those Looking For Versatility

No matter the age, weight or size of the subject: chess is one of the most popular prints among men for always dressing well. But beyond this his great democratic appeal, this year he stood out with the return of the famous men’s flannel plaid shirts.

Direct from the time tunnel, the piece that marked the 1990s era was renewed in the hand of those who enjoy combining style with comfort. This, by its various ways of dressing and by being able to be incorporated in almost, if not all, occasions.

Versatile and ideal for warming up on cold days, the plaid flannel shirt can be worn underneath some sweater or blazer, with a denim jacket or leather jacket. But it also serves very well for mild temperature days, when worn open and with a T-shirt underneath, leaving the look simple and relaxed.

In other words: open or with the buttons closed, inside or outside the pants, with or without a T-shirt underneath, the men’s flannel shirt has become a wildcard for those who seek practicality and good taste in everyday life.

It is worth remembering that chess in dark shades can be worn year-round, but it is in winter that it gains prominence. Have your Hangar 33 flannel shirt already.