Chic Look As a Bridemother – Fashion Tips and Tricks

For a successful wedding there are two success recipes:timely planning and coordination of all individual components on a total concept.For an unforgettable wedding celebration is an overall work of art.And the centerpiece of this work is the bridal couple.This must also be considered for the clothes of the bridemother.So here you can read the most important tips and rules about the bridemother fashion.

The ultimate goal must be chic – but only in agreement with the bride.

The bride is the center

The bridemother is one of the persons closest to the bride.Bride and groom, brawlers and mother-in-law, maids and bridesmaids – these people form an ensemble that should harmonize as well as possible.

Scale of all things, rule of the dress code is the wedding dress.

Therefore the choice of the wedding dress is the first and most important step to the perfect wedding wardrobe.If the color and style of the wedding dress are fixed and the decor of the bridesmaids is known, the bridemother’s fashion may be put together with suggestion of fashionconfidentials.

And because a successful wedding is a joint venture, the bridemother should communicate with her daughter before buying, in terms of color, cut and style.

The worst bridesmaid faux pas in terms of clothing are:

  • Choose a dress that will decorate the wedding dress in elegance and distinctiveness
  • Choose a dress code which is contrary to the style of the daughter
  • Choose a white dress (is reserved to the bride)
  • Choose a black dress (stands for grief)

Bridemother fashion:vote in all respects

The bride is not the only person who should be consulted in the search for the perfect bridesmaid dress.According to old tradition, first the bridemother chooses her dress – then the mother-in-law is the turn.Nowadays these conventions are loosened – but it contributes to the wedding peace when the bridemother agrees with the mother of the groom.

A hint:A guideline for the color selection can be the tone to which the decoration of the wedding celebration is matched.Here, overall planning and communication has top priority.

Variants for the town hall, church and celebration

A wedding celebration takes place in stages: there is the regular and possibly the church wedding ceremony. And there is the evening celebration. The dress of the bridemother should be adapted to these different occasions. For the wedding ceremony in the municipal office, it can be the festive dress, as can be found at in a variety of sizes from size 42 to 64 – but also a trousers suit or a smart costume.

If partout is to be worn slightly dark, a refreshing by a colored shirt is welcome.For the ecclesiastical ceremony also a calf-length dress fits into the frame.With bright pastel colors such as lime green, lavender, light blue or rose, the bridemother will not go wrong.

For the actual wedding celebration the long evening dress can be used. But beware:a big evening robe can not steal the show from the bride. If a bridemother prefers shorter dresses, she can show herself in a cocktail dress. And always look forward to the screenplay. Thus, the overall wedding art work can succeed.