China Hinders Registration .cn Domains

China has made ​​it harder registration of domain “.cn”. Now anyone who wants to register need to prove that you have a public company through a document or certificate that point to it. The goal is to prevent Internet scammers use Chinese domains for their criminal practices, and clear the Chinese domain pornography. In practice this prevents individuals have their own websites.

Existing sites – are 10 million .cn domains. – Will also have to prove to belong to any commercial operation, otherwise they will be taken down  A McAfee survey showed Chinese domain as the second largest source of internet malware, just behind fields “.cm”, Cameroon. The “.cm” is probably the most used by fraudsters because it is a “typo” (typo) very common when trying to write “.com.”

The supposedly noble goal can hide the true will of the Chinese government which is to prevent ordinary citizens have their personal sites, which can be considered a lock to freedom of expression, a form of veiled censorship. In the case of China this theory nothing conspiratorial has everything to be true. [The Register]