Clothing for the Cold Weather

Winter is coming.

Yes, you don’t make you still account with this Indian summer replacing this lack of summer, but the days are reduced, cold (cool) is more present in the morning, and soon will come the fall, gateway to this winter that I honey so much.

Yes, I love winter!

With the winter cold, the snow, holiday in the ski, or why not in Lapland to see the northern lights. Why not eh? The dream made live…

Clothing against the cold, but with an “urban” look

Remember, I was running some “lifestyle” on the blog with an article only for now on Napapijri.

Well my favorite arriving, with season the collections “winter 2015″trademarks of Nordic clothes more and more present in my mail box made me want to make you a little history of down jackets, jackets and other polar who make me dream. Yes I drool every year before winter clothes, for example I loved my polar Eider bought last year, also well technically upgraded its look (I tell in this article on How to dress in cold weather, in part second layer).

Here is therefore a small selection non-exhaustive of winter clothing that I found very nice, and some technical elements see ethical on some of these brands or products, and a trend that is emerging, namely compression of down jackets: hot but who don’t take place.

I said in case wherever I am not paid to write this article (concerning several different brands that I like), but there are some redirect links to allow me to get a commission if you order the product. In short, the aim is especially to share some Favorites!

Clothing for the Cold Weather 1

To start, this is the jacket which gave me want to this article:

Henjl, a French brand and eco-responsible, presents the Diddley II Jacket

Then all confess, I really fell for her look. Then, out of curiosity I asked myself what was this brand that I didn’t know. French in addition, and especially with an interesting ecological dimension and touches me: the concept of Henjl (pronounced Angel) is to produce locally with the raw material Made in Alps. Use local knowledge, and developing techniques to look nice. So I couldn’t tell you if this jacket is warm, breathable, comfortable to wear, however, their products seem to be rather technical, and are sold as very warm, breathable, wind jackets (which is not necessarily the case for Polar type products) and stretch (so nice to wear and not limiting movements).

Good, and above all, look, in any case it makes me crack!

Get it for you, not simple unless you make at certain points of sale (whose old campers, a lot of shops in some ski resorts, and at Fontainebleau in a discovery to me recently but with superb products store – Yes, you may care, but it’s next to home and they are nice). For € 320, not given, but it is Made In France, quality and technical! And the list of dealers.

Eider, a mark she also French and his jackets, fleeces and parka

Let’s start with the polar, because I had the pleasure to see that my polar Talloires, 2014 collection, was extended in version II. Almost identical to mine, I can only advise you this winter jacket. I used to go to work when temperatures were below 5 / 10 ° (to the top, even if it very breathable, personally I still warm – but hey, I took it in Finland and open we’re good in it without breaking a sweat), and she accompanied me this winter in Lapland (and below the-15 I added a windbreaker on top) , showing its limits when there was wind (in which case you need to add a cutting wind, staying at Eider you can take the jacket Maipo Jacket that can be stored by compression and takes very little space while being very waterproof).

In short, € 180 for a jacket that I love and that was my favorite of last winter, and I look forward to lower temperatures back (it is already out). I would add that “La Clusaz” softshell jacket (but which seems to no longer be available) who looks like her but with the protective side of Softshell that may be worth for € 20 more!

Then the parkas, because even if is not cold I wear it often in our hot Paris region, I found their parka Sulens Down really nice. Sober and class, technical as waterproof and breathable, hot, I think it’s the kind of jacket to go on holiday in the ski, in Lapland (you think I would return this winter?), but with an urban look when winter will be installed (well, I waited last year and he didn’t, maybe this year?). € 350 but frankly I find it very friendly.

Clothing for the Cold Weather 2

The North Face, The reference

I guess you know The North Face one of the best known brands for thewinter clothing and outdoor. Technical, quality clothing to look nice. So, I guess I’ll tell you, only I couldn’t not talk about because personally I love their products. I personally own a Triclimate jacket (with lining fleece separated from outside that is waterproof) and I am very satisfied: I use in my everyday life, both in the winter to the spring (it is very breathable), and she accompanied me in Lapland and hot outfit!

And if home I dream for years about their big parka type Gotham or Nanavik, they come out in their winter jacket Thermoball 2014 collection: they look ultra light, is compact, and of course also very hot look. We’re in this trend I was telling you about earlier in the article, namely the compression.

And mode:

I personally am a fan of the look, and compressible and warm side makes a great jacket for every day, or to take if you not sure of the time. I love!Well, if I have the chance to test or I’ll buy one of this list, I’ll test further (in the terms of the below photos)!

Clothing for the Cold Weather 3

And elsewhere?

This list may evolve in the coming weeks, I had a look at other brands type Patagonia (and their famous Nano Puff), Protest and Odlo and we actually see a return of the down jacket with nice and modern, technical marks models: they are light, and warm, breathable, so usable as skiing in the city. Similarly the trend of the coming winter is the compact side appears like this down jacket Protest compactable but very friendly, on the same principle as the Thermoball of The North Face, to take up less space and come easily in a bag when outputs outdoor, but keep warm in case of strong drink:

And you, what are your favorite performers, among them, or in other brands?