Colored Eyelashes for Makeup

Bet on colorful eyelashes to make makeup more fun

The trends in makeup are always surprising. The novelty of the time is to change the classic black mascara and make the look brighter with the colorful mascara. At first, this fashion may seem extravagant too, but the colored eyelashes are a great trick to give a fun and stylish touch to the makeup straight.

The mask for blue eyelashes is the bet for next summer, but you can also choose colors like purple, green, yellow and red.

How to Use Colorful Mascara

For those who want a more discreet look, the tip is to pass three layers of mask to transparent cilia to separate the lashes well. Colored mascara should be applied only to the tips or the outer corners of the eyelashes. The result is a lightly lit look.

The bolder ones may highlight the look by applying the colored eyelash mask across the length of the upper and lower lashes.

Another tip, which can be availed at parties, is to increase the make with colored false eyelashes. The colored false eyelashes in bridgat vary between different colors and also different formats and applications. Just choose the ideal one.

The application of colored eyelashes is equal to that of a black one, however you can give them even more color by finalizing the look with a colored eyeliner in an equal color or that matches the color of the false eyelashes.

It is worth mentioning that investing in colored eyelashes is for anyone who likes to dare. We suggest that when opting for colored eyelashes, you coordinate them to a discreet make on the rest of the face. The same goes for the clothes. So you maintain the harmony of the look and the eyelashes will not leave you with an exaggerated look.

However, if you like a “fitted” look and the occasion allows, why not drop the more “turkey” side? What counts is to feel good and have fun!

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