Crochet Dress: The Handmade Piece To Enhance Your Look

A piece of handmade clothing always has a special value, especially if made of crochet. This art that was once widely practiced by the grandmothers of today is present in pieces of current clothes, full of charm and delicacy.

This craftsmanship is made using lines of different textures and finishes that are braided by a specific needle that has a kind of hook on the tip. For a long time this craft was related to old things, but lately it has gained a special space in the collections of great stylists.

In this rereading of this manual work, the pieces can be whole crochet, coordinates with fabrics and also finished by accessories, like increased belts. Although the initial image of the crochet refers to the retro trend, nowadays we can find it in pieces of current clothes, as the dresses that can integrate romantic looks, but also modern.

Crochet dresses can offer many possibilities because of their versatility, allowing them to be tailored for different occasions from day to day to a formal event. See below for tips on how to make looks using these charming pieces with the collaboration of fashion consultant Érica Minchin.

Crochet Dresses for Day to Day

A crochet piece can work for both relaxed and work environments. Dresses can be combined with casual shoes such as low-heeled boots and boots, but also with more formal shoes with high heels.

The fashion consultant indicates that the models with more open stitches create the leaked effect and leave the body more exposed. Therefore, in formal situations the look can be bought by cardigans, jackets or blazers to avoid exposure of the body caused by the opening of the stitches.

Evening Dresses And Events

Dresses for an evening event can be long for bridesmaids or short for invited guests. Both lengths can integrate looks finished by high-heeled shoes and festive accessories, with gemstones for example, to create the glamor that the situation demands.

Erica warns that for evening events, dresses that have something precious are good choices in the assembly of the look. This differential that enhances the dress can be lines with metallic wires that can be gilded, silver or steal colors, which give a refined and sophisticated effect to the piece.

White Dresses For Photo-Essays

Choosing the ideal look for photographic essays such as pre-wedding and pregnant women can be an arduous task. The test can be done in the studio, but when the option chosen is open, it is indicated to choose the model that brings more comfort and provide security at the time of posing for the photos.

Crochet dresses are good choices because they convey delicacy and are a timeless piece. The white color may be the ideal choice, because as Erica alert, the chosen garment should not integrate with the landscape of the photos and should also leave you highlighted in the images.

Where To Find Crochet Dresses

Given the traditional crochet, it is very common to find people who provide the service of making the dresses tailor-made. But still, we prepared a gallery with beautiful dresses available for sale in online stores to compose their look.

8 Tips To Take Care Of Your Crochet Pieces

The braided thread in the crochet offers greater fragility to the pieces of clothing. Therefore, we have prepared the following tips for the maintenance and maintenance of these parts to keep them always clean and looking new:

  1. Avoid using a washing machine:Washing the crochet part manually prevents it from coming in contact with other clothes inside the machine, which allows the yarn to be drawn and that abrupt movement of the machine affects the modeling of the part.
  2. Choose Neutral Soap:Soap powder can be aggressive to the delicacy of the crochet, and it is indicated that in the wash cold or warm water is used so that the yarns are less battered or can remove the luster of differentiated lines, such as For example.
  3. Do not press the part to remove excess water:centrifuging the clothes or twisting it manually are apparently good outlets to remove excess water from the pieces after washing, however these procedures are not indicated for the crochet pieces, since May deform the part.
  4. Do not use fasteners during drying:the ideal drying for crochet is in flat environments, preferably coated with a towel to absorb excess water.Fasteners can affect the conservation of the part and create undesirable markings.
  5. Avoid high temperatures in the way ofironing: high iron temperatures can damage the “fabric” and cause markings, so it is advisable to control the temperature and also protect the piece by a light fabric, such as a diaper, to avoid Direct contact of the iron with the part.
  6. Storage of parts:If parts can not be stored in cloth-covered hangers to prevent yarns from being pulled, they should be stored folded, preferably unpressurised by the weight of other parts.
  7. Attention with the accessories:Some accessories can have details with chains or be made of some material that favors that the wires are pulled.Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the choice of accessories, as they can ruin a garment on the first use.
  8. Repair of pulled wires:Some minor damage can be solved with the crochet hook itself and even with a hair clip, and a procedure is performed to hide the thread.But in the most serious cases there are transparent lines that can help repair the damage, or in extreme case it is worth looking for a person skilled in the art.

Get Inspired

The composition of the looks should always be connected with your personality. Crochet dresses are versatile and can have both a romantic look and a bolder look if combined with heavy clothing or accessories.

However, the consultant advises that the information of the look is distributed, to avoid the excess of information, like the mixture of colors, textures or accessories. Always keep in mind that crochet can create volume in the body by seeking alternatives to control this effect or compensate it.

Now that you know how to combine crochet dresses, how to use them properly in different situations and also how to save them, see with the image gallery full of inspiration for their looks