Customized Clothing-A Guide

After the post: “The perfect shirt for everyone” follows with today’s contribution of the second guest articles here in the blog. It was written by the Berlin company Tailor & Tales, which specialize in custom-made clothing. Therefore, in my opinion, these are, in my opinion, perfectly suited to compose a guide on custom clothing and share it with us, or what do you think?

Man (s) should not compromise when it comes to the perfect fit.Why should you buy clothing that does not fit properly if you can now make all the elements of the wardrobe tailor-made? The perfect fit is now more affordable than you might think.
There are various reasons to get clothing tailor-made. Often dresses from the bar do not fit properly and the only way to wear well-fitting shirts and suits is to make them tailor-made. Often custom-made clothes do not fit into their own body type and sizes vary greatly from brand to brand. For example, the length of the sleeves fits but the shoulder part is too wide. Customized clothing does not bring these problems with it, as it is specially adapted to your own measurements.

History Of The Suit And The Shirt

Where does the suit come from, as we know it today? Until the end of the 18th century, men used colorful fabrics and sumptuous cuts to signal wealth. In the time of the French Revolution, however, the magnificent clothes were replaced by simpler ones. The so-called “kulotten”, which had been worn until then, were replaced by “Pantelons”, ie long trousers worn by the common people. West and figuretoned jackets were worn for this, creating the pioneer of today’s suit. The splendid colors have been replaced by muted colors such as brown, blue and black.

In England the suit belonged to the sportswear of the nobility at the end of the eighteenth century. Especially by Beau Brummel, the forerunner of the dandy style, the suit was finally made salon-capable. The style of the understatement, also known as Mode à l’anglaise, soon spread throughout Europe. The men’s suit has remained largely unchanged to this day. Still, the suit in its basic form consists of a combination of long trousers, jacket and often a vest.

Shirts were also worn for the first time in the 18th century as supreme shirts. Previously, they were mostly worn as under-shirts.These still had no buttons and were pulled over the head to put on and take off. The collar was often detachable. The button strip and the solid collar established themselves only at the beginning of the 20th century.

Fine Fabrics-The Basis For High-Quality Clothing

For a high wearing comfort and a comfortable wear feeling, one should carefully select the material for the shirt as well as the suit.For shirts, cotton is a very popular fabric. Their pleasant wearing properties include their resistance and respiratory activity. Highest quality requirements are met by the finest Egyptian cotton.
Long-stacked Egyptian cotton has longer fibers and is therefore considered to be the finest and most popular type of cotton for tailor-made shirts. This fabric is extremely supple and comfortable to wear. Different types of weaving the fibers give the finished shirt different characteristics. So there is the translucent cotton batiste, the softer twill or the hard-wearing Oxford.

Even in suits, the highest quality workmanship is hardly worth anything if the material is inferior. How do you find out if the material is good? A simple feel makes it easy to see if the fabric is of high quality or not. Is it pleasant? Does it crease quickly? Good fabrics feel softer and finer than cheap. Particular attention should be paid to the absence of synthetic materials.
The fabrics that are best suited for high-quality suits include wool, silk and cashmere. Wool is extracted from the hair of house sheep and is very soft. It is considered to be temperature-compensated and is therefore used both for summer suits as well as for winter suits. Silk is obtained from cocoons of silkworms and is the only natural continuous fiber. It is extremely supple and known for its shimmering shine. Moreover, it is considered to be insulated against cold and heat.

A particularly fine and soft fiber is cashmere. The natural fiber is extracted from the hair of the Unterfell of Kashmir goats. Cashmere is very soft and light and warmth extremely well, which is why it is often used for winter suits.

In order to get to the point: for whatever occasion you can make a suit, high-quality and stable fabrics are the a and o of fine clothing.As Giorgio Armani said,

“Luxury means timelessness that goes beyond fashion.”

Brands Tailor Made-Tailor & Tales

An innovative concept, developed by a young fashion company in Berlin, enables the modern gentleman from now on to make custom-made clothes of different brands after one-time surveying.Tailor&Tales offers selected premium brands, such as Eton or Van Laack, whose products can be personalized with various details.

Not only the cut is individually adjusted, but also the collar, cuff and button strip can be chosen freely, as well as fabric and colors. The special feature of Tailor & Tales’ concept is that customers who have measured themselves once can personalize all products online and order them online. The tailor-made product is then sent directly to the customer with a personalized message from the personal stylist.


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