CyanogenMod Is Acicala for The Launch of The OnePlus One

OnePlus One we know almost everything, and it is that the young Chinese firm wanted to feed the media coverage of its first device releasing slowly most of the details of a terminal that will be released on April 23.

We also knew that it would come to market with CyanogenMod, although so far We have not seen how would look the ROM custom most famous scene Android in the first device that will bet series for her without giving other options.

Because, captures that illustrate the article show CyanogenMod OS in a version that has been termed “CyanogenMod 11S”, and that seems to have been developed and customized specifically for the OnePlus One.

We can see in the capture device information how this is called “One”, as well as the basis on which develops the ROM, which is none other than Android 4.4, the latest version of Android.

However, the image of the lock screen shows that This has undergone deep changes of design with respect to the usual Android AOSP often used the Cyanogen team.

The information displayed is the usual, though looking for a flat and clean design has been placed on a block of solid color at the bottom, leaving the top half of the screen to the wallpaper.

We don’t not know which will be the method to unlock, since mobile buttons nor any details in this respect are not appreciated. We assume that there will be some kind of graphic animation to drag your finger across the screen, and that the device will be unlocked with the gesture of drag.

There are little more than three weeks to meet officially OnePlus One, Although the Chinese have put us so long teeth that already we look forward expectantly arrival.