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Out at night on a bike.Recommendations to take into account

On the light for night routes is more than essential as you can guess, but not any light. Let’s see which technologies and advice and recommendations to not fail in our night routes.

Today was the second day of night light path, the first better not speak (night prick and not be able to solve it) but today has gone well and I enjoyed great downhill trails, trialeras, from clueless rabbits that are blinded with light.

Friends of Red Rider prepared with its lights

On the light for night routes is more than essential as you can guess, but not any light. I have a lamp and traditional batteries from those that are sold in a large area that all we know and the truth is that it only serves to make you look, because it is clearly insufficient to illuminate by where you get with the bike. You’ve been testing these two outputs is a rechargeable lithium battery and LED of last generation Cree XM-L, impressive but still insufficient, let me explain: to slowly go by roads, tracks, Rails, etc. no problems, although there is nothing light, but when you are looking for a side exit, very tacking curves, etc. does not see them, it is necessary to support light and more specifically in the town to illuminate just where you look and not mark the plotted with the handlebar; It is important also to find that output that is almost impossible to find at night. This light support it is interesting to have the same power or greater that we carry on the handlebars, so that you can see above the main.

In the market we can find plenty of models and prices on these powerful leds, if you want a good reference on the subject of lights for bike can visit this blog: our site. am not going to repeat what he says here but point out that it is practically focused on Chinese lights or lupichin, in relation to the copy of those made by Mark Lupine , (lupi-chin) much more expensive.The problem of Chinese lights is its quality, finish,  exaggerations when its characteristics, trusting to luck sometimes, but is already a subject of each. Special attention to batteries and Chargers, also detailed on the blog mentioned above.

What do we have to take into account for our nights out?

More than recommendations or advice, everything boils down to use common sense but does not come from more list a few tips to keep in mind to minimize problems and finish enjoying our output.

Take good lights, obviously. If we go by areas sufficiently illuminated front and a rear (always) to make us see, if not powerful headlight.

Not to go alone if we go to the area where there is none. At night outside the cities, villages, etc. no one, so do not expect help if you have problems. Anyway it does no harm to leave alerted by where you are going to go, if they have to get.

Two bicycle lights and replacement batteries at least for one of them, minimizing the risk of staying in the dark, avoiding having to camp against our will. If several are going because this may reduce there are several lights, obviously.

The cold. Let’s see, in August and in the coast might not be something to keep in mind, but in mountain and/or other months there is no sunshine so perhaps bring something warm. Today I had to slow down because it froze me legs and arms on the descents.

It is not equal with flashlights or spotlights that day, powerful lights tend to flatten what we see and even lose some perspective. If we do not know the site, extra caution.

In the dark normally no, but if animal appear and over the we so sometimes not move. Also keep in mind that as you do not have clear peripheral vision you don’t get anything that does not have lights.

In city lowering the intensity of the LED lights, bother much. These bulbs tend to have several powers, use the maximum only in necessary areas and pass it lasts longer.

Surely has more, I encourage you to consult your doubts or complete this checklist of things to keep in mind in the comments, we will be completing it.