Designer Launches Helmet Developed for Nocturnal Cyclists

Helmet with LED lights makes the functions of a lighthouse for bikers

American industrial designer Nathan Wills resolved, after a year of research and development, becoming an entrepreneur. He achieved through the site, which raises with Internet surfers for the realization of varied projects, financing the development of his idea.

The result is the Torch T1, a helmet for cyclists with LED lights in the back and front, which aims to make the cyclist more visible overnight for the drivers. The helmet has a thin layer of polycarbonate that covers an expanded polystyrene structure. According to Nathan, this method creates a very lightweight and resistant product. It is also included an adjustment system that promises to make the helmet more comfortable and safe.

The idea of placing the signalling lights on the helmet (they are commonly used on bikes) is justified by the fact that being at a higher height relative to the ground, the light becomes more visible and is not so easily blocked by traffic. There is a white light on the front of the helmet and a red on the back, which can be lit continuously or toggle several flashing patterns.

The product is available in black, white or red colours. The projection method disperses the luminosity through the lenses, which ensures good visibility from different angles besides protecting the LED bulbs from the water and other debris.

In the month of May 2012, the project was not only able to reach the target of us $45000, as surpassed it, raising the sum of US $68000. Check out more about the product in the video below and the product link on the Kickstarter website:

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