Details of The Prices of Smartphones with Vodafone REDvolucióN

Since last week Vodafone submit your REDvolución, has been necessary that the new commercial operator offering was current so we could get to know some conditions not had been quite clear in relation especially to the grants from smartphones.

With this REDvolución, Finally Vodafone has chosen to renew its offer for contract customers detailing the actual cost of each service by separating so that each customer can choose a tariff and smartphone tailored knowing what pays for each of them in advance.

Five ranges of smartphones subsidized and deferred

After choosing one of the new rates Base or network, the next step if you want renew mobile and do not have tenure or te portas to Vodafone, would select one of the five ranges of smartphones available which in addition being classified different categories of smartphones, reflects the increase in each rate, deferred payment of the mobile more a down payment in certain cases as we now define.

Ease of payment mobile now proposed by Vodafone combines mini specific grants with payment by instalments except the rates Base and Baseline2 which in principle can not access to advanced, Premium or Top ranges speaker. The different ranges of smartphones and the price of their rates with integrated fee payment is as follows:

  • Top: Initial cost 249 euros + Base3 45 euros/month, 149 euros + RED 55 euros/month and from €0 with Network2 70 euros/month. In this range there are iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S 32GB.
  • Premium: Initial cost 129 euros + Base3 41 euros/month, 49 euros + NETWORK 51 euros/month or from €0 with Network2 66 euros/month. In this range there are iPhone 4S 16GB, Samsung Galaxy SIII, HTC One X, Sony Xperia T, Nokia Lumia 900 or Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
  • Advanced: Initial cost from 99 euros + Base3 37 euros/month, 0 euros + NETWORK 47 euros/month or from €0 with Network2 62 euros/month. In this range are HTC One S, Samsung Galaxy Mini SIII, SII Galaxy, Galaxy S Advance, Galaxy Nexus, Nokia Lumia 710, LG Optimus L9 or Sony Xperia P.
  • Standard: Initial cost 49 euros + Base 16 euros/month, 49 euros + Baseline2 22 euros/month, 0 EUR + Base3 32 euros/month, 0 euros + RED 42 euros/month or 0 EUR with Network2 57 euros/month. In this range are Sony Xperia U, HTC Desire X, Nokia Lumia 610, Samsung Galaxy Ace, LG Optimus L5 or Huawei Ascend G300.
  • Basic: Initial cost 0 EUR + Base 14 euros/month, 0 euros + Baseline2 20 euros/month, 0 EUR + Base3 30 euros/month, 0 euros + NETWORK 40 euros/month or 0 EUR with Network2 55 euros/month. In this range are LG Optimus L3, Samsung Galaxy and or Blackberry Curve 9220.

With this new system of sale of mobile, the payment by instalments presented by Vodafone in October will be limited availability the only voice for all customers and for current rates who prefer to renew some of the carvings @ but will not be compatible with REDvolución Since it has its own deferred payment.

Comparison of smartphones with REDvolución prices

Aware of that after so many changes, may cost to become accustomed to the new way of selling phones with Vodafone, in Engadget Mobile we will continue presenting prices as always so that it is clearer. For today we have prepared a selection of top smartphones for Christmas campaign compared with prices next to prices which had up to now with rates size @.

Stay in specific rates and penalties

As for the stays, besides the permanence in Vodafone’s 24 months with the purchase of a smartphone, There are other two additional constraints to take into account:

  • There is also stay in the network rates (unless you choose a smartphone’s basic range) and in the Base3 range standard by providing one greater subsidy. If you are in any of these situations, it will always be possible to change to a higher rate free of charge and if you choose a lower, the following shall apply penalties for change of rate: 50 euros (plus VAT) with Base3 + standard, network + standard, advanced or premium and control2 + standard or advanced; 100 euros with net + Top and control2 + premium; 200 euros with Network2 + Top.
  • You have retention rate or not, if you buy a smartphone from the Top, Premium and advanced ranges, You can never change at a rate Base or Baseline2.

In case of low early, will be charged a maximum penalty equal to the result of multiply the increase in the payment in each fee for the remaining months to meet more penalty for permanence in fee if any. The penalty for permanence with smartphone are reduced in stretches of three months.

Complete converged offering from Vodafone

Less than a month has been available all in one of Vodafone and is that the operator wanted to offer its REDvolución as a comprehensive convergent offer consisting of various additives available and between those who have cleared up some details that neither had been clear when his official presentation.

  • Vodafone ADSL It will be available for 20 euros for users of direct access but with two limitations that had not clarified at first as they are that the rate Base 2 cents is not compatible and that the Indirect ADSL will feature a 25% discount of the standard price rather than the increase of 10 euros as it had announced in principle.

UPDATE: Finally, with indirect ADSL users will have a price of 35 euros (with included line fee).

  • Mobile Internet from 1GB for 10 euros a month will be available in an additional SIM for rates network-compatible USB modem but it will be incompatible with the Base.
  • Vodafone at home 10 euros a month is also incompatible with Base for 2 cents/min so associated with that rate will increase its price at 5 euros. In both cases you must add 5 euros if you want to have full mobility.
  • Offer for second lines It is the only one of the news that Vodafone is reserved for the next few weeks.