DisplayMate: “The S5 Galaxy Has The Best Screen We Have Ever Tried”

Samsung takes their particular battle with the Amoled in the high ranges, which renews itself each year to build properties. As you know, not everything is resolution and items such as consumption, angles of vision or the accuracy of the color are also listed high.

But this S5 Galaxy has been maintained the 1080 p as the limit of points to resolve, improvement in many respects, to the point that may be of the best smartphone to date screen. So says DisplayMate, already famous in these parts with their tests on screens.

“The Galaxy S5 is the Best performing Smartphone display that we have ever tested.”
“The S5 Galaxy has better screen smartphone we have ever tried.”

According to DisplayMate, the display of the S5 is one ‘major update’ on the S4, still very significant about that we see in Note 3 in almost any test that has passed.

In terms of brightness, which have historically falter these screens, Samsung achieved a 47% improvement on the S4 Galaxy, that is 6% on Note 3, mode automatic and when the bright conditions require it. This can be reduced to just 2 lumens, down to a minimum.

In color accuracy we have another great achievement of this smartphone, standing as the more accurate panel at a post pc device, that Yes, in Imaging modes of professional photography and cinema that incorporates. The adaptive, on the other hand, is more alive, as we have seen above.

Entering issues of battery consumption, the S5 Galaxy is a 27% more efficient energy than the previous model, rising 313 to 386 lumens when we apply a power of 0.82 Watts to the screen and its content is not entirely white. This can well be as a way to save battery power in the S5, or as higher media shine to same consumption.

Samsung Galaxy S5 full analysis

Then we leave you our final prints and the conclusions After having thoroughly tested the terminal of Samsung: