Enrico Fabris Biography

Enrico Fabris, born 5 October 1981 to Asiago is an Italian skier. His specialty is the allround and middle distance.His main weapon is his ability to ride very flat stages, especially his last round in the jump sequence.


In 1999 red Fabris his first major international tournament; Junior Worlds. He did not qualify for the final distance and was 28 in the standings. For the next two editions of the tournament that he would finish 17 and 12.


His first games in ordinary international competitions ran Fabris in 2002. Very successful he was, however, not yet in his first professional year. At the European Championships Allround he finished 16th. In the final standings in the 5 and 10 kilometers, he was 29. But he participated in the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, where he was 26 at the 1500 metres and 5 km and 16 based finished.
Fabris has evolved as a strong all-rounder, which is mainly from 1500 and 5000 metres. At the European Championships Allround in 2003, he was 8th in the WORLD CUP, he was disqualified in the final race. A year later, he placed 7th at the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS and 4 World Championships. In the 1500 metres, was confirmed at the World Single Distance CHAMPIONSHIPS and World Cup in 5th place.
In 2005, he could again be improved somewhat, but he managed to capture some individual medailes. At the European Championships, he was 6th at the WORLD CUP, he came to the first distance does not start.The Italian pursuit team, he managed to take his first medaile silver at the World Single Distance CHAMPIONSHIPS.
During the Olympic Games in Turin did Italian has a lot to unpack. After previous European Allround champion have been, he took the gold medal in the 1500 m and team pursuit. At five kilometers, he also won the bronze. His main weapon in this success was his last round, where he will make arrears of more than one second did well to its competitors.
Afterwards, however, Fabris won any major tournaments anymore, he still finished 2nd or 3rd. The Allround tournaments is Håvard Bøkko Sven Kramer and his big competitors. During 2007, Fabris sometime world records in five kilometers in his hands, he drove it in Salt Lake City. The previous holder of the world, Sven Kramer, but they did a week later to go back again.
In the preparations for the Olympics in Vancouver, Fabris was 2nd at Allround CHAMPIONSHIPS 2010 in Hamar. In the final stage of the final 10 kilometers, he found the winner Sven Kramer in a direct duel.Kramer, who had a championship lead of nearly two seconds, turned out to be too strong. Fabris came 12 second deficit at 10 kilometers, but was forward 1.4 points over Russian Ivan Skobrev to stay ahead and secure the silver.


Personal records

Personal data of Enrico Fabris by February 2010:
From a distance, Fabris also underlined the Italian record going.




Source: metallyrica.com