Envelope Dress: Learn To Create Modern And Stylish Looks With The Piece

The envelope dress is a classic of the female universe, it is that type of dress that caters for any and every occasion. And, beyond a shadow of a doubt, it’s a key piece in every woman’s closet.

It emerged in the 70’s and won many women for the model’s practicality and elegance. It is a pierced dress , with a more straight modeling, thus valuing every type of body.

Versatile, the model transits between classic and elegant style and, at the same time, allows a more informal and basic look without the slightest difficulty.

It has an envelope dress for all tastes: long sleeve, sleeveless, midi or short, with deep, printed or flat necklines. Just choose the one that suits your style.

Check out below tips, developed in partnership with style consultant Vivi Cardinali, on how to use the envelope dress on different occasions.

How To Wear Envelope Dress On A Day To Day Basis

The dress is a feminine piece and above all very practical, perfect for day to day. The tip to give a touch more on the look and get out of the ordinary is to bet on the classic dress envelope. Vivi Cardinali gives a super tip: “For a lunch with girlfriends, for example, the envelope dress can be matched with flat sandals or a sneaker and a small straw bag. The bag here can also be great, but more grinding, to have less formality in the look. ”

Envelope Dress At Work

As the envelope dress has a more formal and elegant footprint, it is a great choice for the work look. Hit the accessories: more formal closed shoes, such as scarpins or dolls, and larger or medium but more structured purses, advises the style consultant. A valuable tip for work environments is to complement the look with a third piece, such as a vest or a blazer, ends Vivi.

How To Wear Midi Envelope Gown

The envelope dress also appears in the midi version, a very modern and current model. The tip of the style consultant for those who want to stretch the silhouette is to bet on shoes the same tone of your skin or to leave your upper chest exposed. One suggestion is to wear a nude and fine-toed shoe, or sandals without ankle straps.

Long Envelope Dress

The version of the long envelope dress leaves any look more elaborate and elegant. Style consultant Vivi Cardinali gives two style tips to create with the piece: “For a more delicate and romantic look, use small pockets and a low, delicate sandal with almost all the foot on display.Already for a boho look, combine with boots, fringed bag and hat. The printed dress is the best for that style. ”

How To Wear Envelope Party Gown

The charm and elegance of the envelope dress also appears in party looks. Be it smooth, embossed or glossy. “The envelope dress for the party calls for sandals or more delicate shoes with thin heels, small purse or wallet. As the neckline of the dress has great prominence and the waist also, finish the look with a long earring to accentuate. “, Gold tips from the style consultant.

6 Elegant Envelope Dresses To Buy Online

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