Essence Rebels LE: My Highlights And The Eyeshadow Mysterium

Okay, actually I wanted to write nothing more about the Essence Rebels LE, since it is already an old hat. But since I am still in some isolated dm markets well-filled Rebels-Aufleger, I would like to say a few words about this – in my opinion somewhat underestimated-LE. Because I have not bought so much for a long time. I like the concept of the LE very well: “Brave, discreet nude tones hit on brightly naughty neon colors and rebel so against boredom”.

The Eyeshadow Mysteria Of Rebels LE

Everywhere, I found the Rebels LE’s monitors without eye shadow and I was still wondering if they were actually sold out so quickly. Until I am suddenly in a dm pushed on a full set-up. The eyeshadows came to me then but strangely before and quickly I discovered that the Aufleger simply with eyeshadow from the standard assortment was filled. A short internet search has shown that the eyeshadow of the LE has come to “unpredictable delivery delays”. The mono-eyeshadows could not be delivered as planned and Essence has therefore decided to remove the eyeshadows from the LE, so that they can still appear in the market in time.

My Highlights From The LE

Essence Rebels Lip & Cheek Pot “01 Peach Punk”, 7g for 2,45 €

Essence Rebels Soft Matte Lipgloss “01 Mauve Like A Rockstar”, 7ml for 1,75 €

Essencec Rebels Latex Nail Polish “01 Mauve Like A Rockstar”, 8ml for 1,75 €

Soft Mat Lip Gloss

There are two colors of Soft Matte Lipglosses. A beautiful Mauveton, which I bought myself also.And a somewhat strange nudeton, reminiscent of Concealer. 7ml content for 1,75 €

This Says Essence:
“Kiss like a rockstar! Shiny lips have many who wants to stand out wearing matt gloss. With this lip gloss, the lips get an irresistible soft-matt look for a unique lip make-up.”

My Opinion:
I bought the beautiful Mauveton “Mauve Like A Rockstar”, the “Rebel Delight” is in my opinion not really portable. I like the matte effect and the sweet caramel flavor. The gloss can be precisely and easily applied and does not dry out the lips at all despite the mat effect. The durability I find for a lip gloss quite okay. I can recommend the Soft Matte Lipgloss definitely.

Latex Nail Polish

Actually, I really wanted to buy a nail polish. Actually. But the promised latex look then aroused my interest and the Mauveton was allowed with. The varnishes have 8ml content and cost 1.75 €.

That’s What Essence Says:
“Brave girl meets punk-gir! Do you prefer decent nude colors or bright neon tones? Most preferably both? No problem, because with the four exciting semi-matt nail polish paints in latex look everything is possible!”

My Opinion:
I like the colors quite well. But I was at least halfway sensible and only took the “Mauve Like A Rockstar”. The semi-matte color is really a dream! The application was somewhat more difficult due to the thick liquid consistency and it was not easy to paint two thin layers. I have not used overpainting, and despite several hours of drying I got a few impressions. I wanted to do without the overcoat, so I do not destroy the matt effect. The durability skin me – as so often with Essence – once again. I have the paint now for 6 days without overcoat on the nails and only minimal, barely visible tipwear! I can recommend the lacquer without restriction!

My Review On The Nail Polish You Can  Read Here .

Lip & Cheek Pot

The most interesting product of this LE is definitely the Lip & Cheek Pot in the color “Peach Punk”. For 7g Creme Rouge you pay cheap 2.45 €.

This Is What Essence Says:
“Rebellious duo! A super cool unique is this combination for cheeks and lips. Extremely practical in a small crucible, the cheek & lip pot can be taken everywhere and creates a great, peach-colored touch – as required – on cheeks and lips.”

My opinion:
First of all, I would like to mention positively that at least in the dm, in which I bought the Creme Rouge, a hygien seal was draufgebtbt! I think this is really great, because I could bet that without this seal would be again half of the crucifixes! Some people will probably never understand that there are extra testers for testing!

After reading Jetties Lobeshymne, I had to have the Lip & Cheek Pot easy! I’ve only tested it on the cheeks. The consistency is nicely creamy and can be blended well when applying. I applied it simply with my fingers, a brush is certainly also quite well. It can be layered well and there is no danger too much to catch. The durability is also very good. If you like Cremerouges, this sweetie should not be missed. The price is of course also unbeatable favorable!

Overall conclusion Essence Rebels LE

A somewhat daring color combination (neon and nudet tones), but a quite interesting LE. Even without the eyeshadows, there are enough highlights that you can take a closer look on MakeupNecessities. Especially the nail polish, the mauve colored Lipgloss and the Lip & Cheek Pot stand out positively here. I have not bought so much from a LE for a long time and I am glad that I have thrown my resolution, first to buy no more nail polish. The “Mauve Like A Rockstar” has been blown in the wind to my favorite favorite.