Facebook Makes It Easy to Send Files to Groups with Dropbox

We know that Dropbox is a storage tool in the popular cloud. We also know that Facebook became the most used social network in the world with over 800 million records. And today we found that integration between the two can send account files in Dropbox from Facebook without difficulties.

The announcement painted on the official blog of Dropbox and still have restrictions. For now, only works with the sharing of files saved by Dropbox in Facebook groups. The files chosen automatically become available to other peers in the group.

To upload documents is simple: go to the Facebook group and in the main update box (the one that appears as soon as you open the page), click “Add File” or the equivalent in good Portuguese. There is the option to send “From Your Dropbox” (from your Dropbox).

This news comes to me strangely because Microsoft has been a partner of long standing of Facebook. In searches using Bing technology, the seeker of MS. Why they have chosen Dropbox instead of SkyDrive? Yes, of course that Dropbox has great appeal, as well as its popularity. However, Microsoft has the email to more users in the world – they all have account by default SkyDrive!

Not to mention that SkyDrive offers 7GB of free storage from 2 GB of free Dropbox. Then or Facebook integration with Office.com, easily usable with the new integration.

Of course it makes sense for Facebook close deals with hosting companies. Imagine the amount of disk space that the millions of files sent through the website, through any third-party hosting, costs at the end of the month. The agreement announced today leaves for Dropbox over the cost – I have no idea how much is.

The Dropbox makes sure to mention that the file share with the group will remain up to date while on the “Dropbox” folder on your computer. Obviously, but for them it continues as a differential.

Must authorize the Dropbox on your Facebook account to enjoy the feature.

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