Fatkins Arrived In Mexico

If Ashley Graham could put on a two-piece swimsuit and, with all the curves, appear in the most important bikini magazine in the world (Sports Illustrated), why should not we?

It’s official: the fatkins came to Mexico.From YA we can find them in Forever 21 stores at super cheap prices.Here I tell you

On Friday I had a work meeting in the center. I left early, and while waiting for my boyfriend to leave, I decided to give a tour of Madero’s Forever 21 . I had already talked to them about this store in a past entrance, but if they did not have an opportunity to read it, they can do it here: ” Forever 21 arrives in the center of Mexico City “.

The truth, I was not going for something specific, just to kill time, however what I saw really filled me with emotion: fatkinis in sight !!! That’s right, plus size bikinis we can get in Mexico, which is perfect because the Easter holidays are just around the corner, and many (but really MANY) have asked me where they can get swimwear in Extra sizes , so I think this is a good (and very different) option.Bye, bye black swimsuit that covered us all.Today are the curves, and it is time to take them out to get some sun;)

To solve the doubts that I raised in the Facebook Curves Felices , I prepared the following:

Question 1: How much do they cost?

Prices range from 169 to 239 pesos per garment, that is, less than 30 dollars per piece, depending on the design of the top and bottom.

Photos: forever21.com

Question 2: Where do they sell them?

As I said in the previous paragraphs, I saw them in Forever 21 of Madero (DF) , although some of you also told me that they were in Perisur ‘s shop ; However, another curvy told me by social networks that she had NOT seen them in the Guadalajara branch, so I’m not sure if they sell them there. Anyway, I remind you that the store has internet sales and shipping to the entire Mexican Republic , so it can be a good option if you die of wanting to have one.

Question 3: What sizes are there?

Like the rest of the plus size line, this collection is available in sizes XL (34-36 in Mexico), 1XL (36-38), 2XL (38-40) and 3XL (42-44). Anyway, I loved that there are curvy girls that cater to the extra sizes section of the store, so they can guide you to find out your exact size .Just come and ask them.

They are for me?

A few weeks ago I talked to the owner of a plus size clothing boutique who told me her opinion about why she does not beat Forever 21 : “I do not like to go because the clothes they offer often are not oriented to show off the figure of the girls With curves; Bone, the clothes are not something that would use a curvy girl “… that’s what it’s about, dare to try different things, things that were only used by thin girls before!

The truth is that I do not know (nor do I want to know, the net) what he meant exactly. Respect, everyone their likes, but my opinion is that we should all dress for ourselves , not for others. Use what makes us feel happy and safe , regardless of whether it “shines our figure” or not; What if we feel like queens? I have always said it and I maintain it “Life is too short to use boring outfits . 

So, answering the question of whether the fatkinis are or are not for you, I’ll leave this image that I love and talk about what it takes to have a bikini body :

How do they look?

The promised is due, so here are my pictures of the tester. I firmly believe that you are preaching by example, and if I always tell you that you should be proud of your body , I must do it too:

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