Female Leather Jacket with Trousers, Skirt, Dress or Shorts

The leather jacket that began to be used there in the past when the men needed a more resistant clothing and these were then very rustic and coarse, came with the passage of time getting special attention until becoming what we have today, pieces with much refinement and luxury, in addition to modern beautiful and very charming.

And the feminine world today has this piece as an invaluable piece to create perfect looks for many occasions, whether for day to day, dinner or lunch, for the ballad and other situations that demand sophistication, but without much formality.

And now for this year they are in the most varied models or short, and in all colors that are super high, running away from the basic black, are for colors like pink, green, blue, various shades of brown, earthy, black, white, yellow, red, among others.

For this winter, constructmaterials recommends the most beautiful sweatshirts.

The leather jacket can come in many combinations such as jeans, baggy pants, skinny, flare, bell mouth, shirts, blouses, skirts, shorts, dresses, shorts and so many other pieces that perfectly suit your versatility.

Image 1 – Three tips of casual looks to wear at any time of day, here the jackets valued the whole look and gave an additional charm to the visual, visuals that you can use at any time of the day.

Picture 2 – A perfect look mother and daughter full of charm and style, black biker-style leather jackets, style piece that combines with any look and value the whole look.

Picture 3 – With a black leather mini skirt and a black long sleeve tank top with high tip where here she brings more style choosing a black short leather jacket with biker style.

Picture 4- In shorter models, you find here two pieces very casual and very easy to combine, here they invest in longer skirts to create a look and give an extra charm.

Picture 5 – With a mini striped skirt, here she invests in a blue blouse with details in lace on the neckline in a more acinturada modeling, black leather jacket on top giving an extra value.

Picture 6 – With a charming and casual rose dress, modern caramel leather jacket, details with belt, zipper and pockets, here she still invests in a scarf to give a touch more.

Image 7- With a very short black dress, she bets on the visual by choosing a black leather jacket with very discreet and modern details, short-sleeved cowboy boot finishing the look.

Picture 8- Whether it’s to wear at work, school, or any other occasion, here you have a look made up of a dark brown pants in a more just model, a sweater of sweeter wool, a black leather jacket and a very stylish boot.

Picture 9 – With a jeans in a wash darker and modeling more justinha, where it combines with a loose white tank top and a black jacket and leather bringing an extra style.

Picture 10 – A couple full of style and good taste when it comes to dressing well, jeans with details torn in the knee, a jacket especially black leather with zipper opening, botinha finishing the look.

Image 11 – Look full of power and style, made up of a striped print dress, here she chooses a biker-style jacket in black and a nude heel closing with a lot of power.

Picture 12 – With a black trousers resinated in a modeling more justinha, here she combines choosing a more loose gray regatta, black denim jacket with belt, high heel finishing the look with a golden key.

Picture 13 – With a dress in white lace, here she chooses a black leather jacket over the top valuing the visual and creating a beautiful contrast, high heels black closing the look, visual to use in different types of places and also occasions.

Picture 14 – With a shorts jeans shorts, she chooses a more loose white blouse, black zippered jeans jacket where she valued the look, look very casual and very stylish to wear at any time of the day.

Picture 15 – The combination of look with long skirt and leather jacket is super trendy and promises to cause that winter, for those who look for a look more at ease and modern at the same time you have a great inspiration here.

Picture 16 – A mixture of charm with style and glamor, with a modern royal blue skirt, she bets on a smoother gray tank top on the body, black leather jacket on top, pantyhose and a heel creating pattern with the color of the skirt.

Image 17- Using creativity and good taste you can create incredible looks, here visual consisting of a white jeans, jeans shirt and a black leather jacket with pockets on the front, black heel enhancing the look.

Winter is the most charming season of the year bringing incredible and inspiring looks

Image 18 – A very casual look that brings a sporty and modern style at the same time, here she bets on saruel sweatpants, a sweatpants sweater, a black jacket on top, and a soft white tennis shoe finishing the look.

Image 19 – Already here you have a look wearing a gray dress more social, black leather jacket with zipper opening , pantyhose pantyhose giving a touch more, black shoe closing with gold key.

Picture 20 – A tip of very romantic and delicate look, consisting of a midi printed skirt, especially red leather board, pantyhose and a little jumpsuit valuing the whole look.

Picture 21 – In a high-heeled jeans skirt and shredded details, she chooses a white cropped to match, also betting on a short leather jacket in black color, very creative and very well crafted visual.

Picture 22 – With a black jeans shredded in the knees, here she combines with a very modern black blouse, red leather jacket, gladiator leap finishing the look.

Using your good taste you can create incredible looks and style

Picture 23 – With a black leather jacket fairer model, with zippered details and buckles, very casual model to wear with pants, shorts, skirts and also with long dresses that by the way is super trendy.

Picture 24 – This black jacket with leather-trimmed details is very modern, here it combines with a gray smock, black social pants and a belt with a very modern gold buckle.

Image 25 – Already here the look brings a skinny jeans model, where it combines with a slacker white blouse, black leather jacket with zipper opening, print animal print jump creating a beautiful contrast.

Picture 26 – With a white dress of lace all lined, where here it combines with a black biker-style leather jacket with details in the golden zipper.

Image 27- With jeans shorts, they create three looks very stylish and stripped at the same time, the leather jacket bringing a charm to more and more value for the whole look.

Image 28- Two more looks tips for you to bet at any time of day, modern jackets with stylish details that make all the difference, perfect visuals to raze in the winter.

Picture 29 – These looks have a very urban style, tighter pants with wider and loose sweaters, leather jackets over the top bringing even more style and good taste for the look.

Picture 30 Three well-stripped looks with lots of creativity and style, wider body pants, matching sweatpants with high heels and black leather jackets.

Always modern, these pieces can not even be missing in your wardrobe, and can be the joker piece for many unexpected situations, what’s up?