Freelancers and Companies Vodafone Can Choose from Four New Rates Network Unlimited

The REDvolución of Vodafone has also reached for the professional segment with a version of new rates Base Pro and Pro network that conform to the needs of freelancers and companies and they are now available along with previous carvings @ Pro that are kept in the Vodafone offer.

New REDvolución, points out that for the first time it is available from the Professional, unlimited calls from 39 euros and a significant increase in the amount of data at maximum speed but on the negative side, it must be said that reduction which apply from now on will be to 32 Kbps, which in practice forces contract a bonus data if you want to be able to sail except for the most expensive rate that is slowing down in case of congestion.

Although the self-employed will also have the possibility of hiring rates Base and network of individuals, Base Pro and Pro network is available for all professionals with conditions remaining follows.

In terms of the ease in the acquisition of the mobile, Vodafone proposes a system identical to the individuals integrating payment and mini-specific grants in the fee of the monthly rate by setting a rated supply in five ranges of smartphones: