Full Steam Ahead: The 25 Fastest Tablets In The Test!

Tablets are useful for many applications: order the new TV on the Internet? No problem! Follow Facebook News? Nothing easier than that! Photos, music and videos to look at? Works great on the go. The fun however remains on the line if the Tablet processor has too little steam this applies to ipad as well as for Android and Windows tablets. But not only a powerful CPU is responsible for a high pace of work. our site explains what really matters and has the 25 fastest Tablet determined.

Dual-core? Quad-core? OCTA-core?

For tablets as notebook: nothing works without processor, the screen remains black. And only a potent model ensures a high pace of work. But beware: long time no fast speed guarantees a high clock frequency. And also many processor cores on which the tablet can distribute his work, make sure no high speed. Therefore: do not be promotional messages such as dual-core (dual core), quad-core (Vierkerner) or octa-core (Achtkerner) or high frequency data show.

Interaction between hardware and software

The secret to a fast working speed: A perfect interaction between hardware and software. Why? A hochgetakter eight-core processor is little use if operating systems like Android, ios, or Windows not optimally using the power reserves. At worst stand fast processor and operating system even in the way as if the CPU without demanding tasks constantly running at the limit of performance, the processor heats and the OS crashes.

To 8.4 inches: the lightest tablets

Potent graphics chip

And also in the processor (better: System-on-a-chip, short soc) built-in graphics chip contributes to a high pace of work. Because: the calculation unit for image reproduction is not powerful enough, 4 and full-HD video playback stutters and zuckeln characters in games only in slow motion on the screen especially in tablets with high-resolution displays.

Large memory also important

Is not to be underestimated many manufacturers save also the size of memory here. He is too limited, for example, only 1 gigabytes in size, that presses on the pace of work. Users feel this especially when many apps are parallel open: then this transposes reluctant Tablet user input and switching between apps takes much time.

Conclusion: the fastest Tablet

The fastest tablet is Apple’s ipad Pro. It works thanks to strong A9X processor processor rapidly, but only is the battery life of seven hours. The Microsoft surface is followed by the second rank 4 Pro, which stormed with his nimble core-5 CPU on the podium, but also not carefully dealt with energy: after six hours, the lights went out. Bronze reached the ipad air 2, which not only fast, but even at more intensive use a whopping 10 hours and 25 minutes a decent battery life

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