Galaxy Tab S 8.4 LTE Price

It is now an ongoing promotion on CoopOnline which provides discounts up to 50%on a number of selected tablets, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s 8.4 , proposed in 289 €, the Galaxy Tab’s 10.5 LTE to 289€, and the Galaxy Tab to 9.7 LTE in 279 €

And how do you get to 189 € of the title, you say? Remembering that right now is also another promotion, launched by the same Samsung, who suffers of 100 € the price of the first S and 50 € one of tabs in participating stores, including Coop.

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If you choose then buying if you reserve online and Galaxy Tab S 8.4 getting him to deliver in the shop, head to the point selected Coop, pay him to retire and enjoy the extra discount of 100 € directly at checkout (discount further not worth buying online). If you had to choose S 10.5 LTE Galaxy Tab, the online price of 389 € € 289 become at checkout, whereas with LTE Galaxy Tab 9.7 going from 279 to 229 euros, according to LIUXers.

Check availability for safety promotion anyway at your store Coop, although with the payment at our warehouse you won’t have literally nothing to lose.

Update: contrary to what was reported by the source, as pointed out in the comments, this offer doesn’t seem valid. Nothing will stop you trying your Coop, but not sperateci too.