Gigaset ME in the Test: Smartphone from the Fixed-Line Network Specialist

Test verdict: What you should know

The Gigaset ME is not a liked license product, but an upper-class Smartphone with high quality housing and good processing. The equipment is lush, tempo and radio channels give no reason to gripe. The surface is cleaned up, the endurance on average, disappointed the camera. Best price on the Internet: 199,00 euro * this product at Amazon order Pro prima processing high speed easy to use sharp display memory card slot lush facilities good front camera pulse and UV sensor against weak photo quality battery firm slippery body mark of the editorial 2.57 installed user rating also satisfactory (out of 1 reviews) where the largest shareholder in China is established is Gigaset, if you like, a remnant of the Mobile Division of Siemens. Now dares the leap into the competitive smartphone market the company has its headquarters in Munich and is equal with three new models Gigaset ME pure, ME and ME Pro. First trust the Gigaset ME in the test lab.

Domed glass in stainless steel frame


The Gigaset ME makes it clear immediately that one has not to do it with Chinese commodity that was spiced up with the Gigaset logo only. It also measured given the price of 469 euros. The appearance with packaging, accessories and especially the device provide a high value. All surfaces are smooth and thus a dream for CSI must like you. Our test sample had lush 170 grams that dare, ten more than the manufacturer’s specifications. An announcement for a 5-inch device. The Gigaset is hard, but not fat. The manufacturer 7.7 mm (the caliper in the laboratory insisted on 8.2 mm) slim rounded Gigaset nestles vigorously in the hand. Front and back insert under scratch-resistant, slightly convex to the edge of the 2,5D-Gorilla-Glas. Special feature: The front window is closed, there is no single opening for loudspeaker or button. The back side of the glass is interrupted by the fingerprint sensor, camera, Flash, and heart rate monitor. Gigaset creates it in comparison to the competition, that the camera is flush.

Gigaset ME in detail

59 product images, comparison photos and screenshots the Gigaset ME is so smooth that it slowly automatically will, if it is located on a sloping surface. In the Newsroom, has the weight of the charging cable was enough to pull the ME slowly, quietly and secretly by the heating.


A stainless steel frame, which houses the volume keys, power button, card slot, headphone jack, IR Transmitter, microphone, speakers, and the charging port, does everything. The new USB type-C allows for fast data transfer and ended at least on the mobile side of the plug-in fumbling as he fits on both sides. The almost imperceptible transitions, especially at the back, can like take a model some manufacturers. The outfit fits ever.

Video on the subject

Gigaset traditionally associated with landline phones. Now there is the first Smartphone of the series and has been tested our site. Gigaset ME in the test: How good is the first Smartphone of brand?

Lavish facilities, brisk pace


With the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, the current octa-core-64-bit CPU and Adreno 430 graphics unit ensures superior pace. 3 gigabyte memory consistently complete the Computing Center. In everyday life, the Gigaset quickly respond to input and the mobile meets even the most demanding games. The intermediate grade for the operating and working speed of 1.62 lies at the level of LG G3, Lumia 950 XL, nexus 6 p and Motorola Moto X play. The Gigaset UI is plain and clear. Android 5.1 was more simplified than reamed. Who gladly set everything personally and configured, will miss, for example, the setting for the resolution of the photo. According to Gigaset, there will be an update on Android 6. There are little gaps, however, with the sensors. In addition to the usual suspects, the Gigaset also features a pulse – and even a UV sensor. The infrared transmitter allows you to operate the hi-fi system or TV.

Gigaset me pure, ME and ME Pro

Gigaset ME PureGigaset MEGigaset ME Pro Displaydiagonale5, 0 Zoll5, 0 Zoll5, 5 inch Auflösung1920x10801920x10801920x1080 443 ppi443 ppi401 ppi RAM2 GB3 GB3 GB ProzessorOctacore Snapdragon 615 1.5 GHzOctacore Snapdragon 810 1.8 GHzOctacore Snapdragon 810 with 1.8 GHz GPUAdreno 405Adreno 430Adreno 430 microSDbis Speicher32 GB32 GB32 GB 128 GBbis 128 GBbis 128 GB OSAndroid 5.1.1 LollipopAndroid 5.1.1 5.1.1 LollipopAndroid lollipop Kamera13 MP16 MP20 MP Frontkamera8 , 0 MP8, 0 MP8, 0 MP Akku3. 320 mAh3. 000 mAh4. 000 mAh RahmenAluminiumEdelstahlEdelstahl Vorderseite2 5 d Glas2 5 d Glas2, 5 d-glass RückseiteAluminium2, 5 d Glas2, 5 d-glass Maße144, 5 x 69, 4 mm144, 5 x 69, 4 mm156x76 mm Dicke7, 8 mm7, 7 mm7, 7 mm Gewicht140 g160 g195 g AusstattungUSB type C, dual-SIMUSB type-C, UV sensor, heart rate monitor, dual-SIM, IR SenderUSB type C, UV sensor, heart rate monitor, dual-SIM, IR Transmitter price (MSRP) 349 Euro469 Euro549 euro

Battery, memory, dual SIM

With 3,000 MAH, the Gigaset ME has a generously-sized battery. In the laboratory test, the Gigaset reached but only average values. In the COMPUTER image usage profile’s held nine moderate use almost 28 hours with heavy use. Despite larger battery that is slightly shorter than Galaxy S6 (9:16 hh: mm; 28:14 hh: mm), iPhone 6S (10:56 hh: mm; 30:56 hh: mm) & co. and significantly shorter than the endurance athletes who persevere 15 hours. According to the manufacturer, the quick charge function is enough to to refuel in ten minutes 16 percent charge respectively four hours talk time. The space is 32 gigabytes, of which 23.9 are available. You have the choice whether you assemble the second slot with another SIM card (dual SIM) or a memory card with up to 128 gigabytes.

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Sharp display

The 5-inch IPS display resolves with 1920 x 1080 pixels. This makes for a very sharp image, other manufacturers can turn keep the resolution screw, 443 ppi are and stay top. The contrast is with 948:1 in order, also the brightness going with 491 cd / m ². The viewing angle is large, but the further you deviate from the top view, the black will be more gray. If you look at the world at the movies or shooting through the display, is striking in comparison to a Galaxy S6 that the composition is not quite so smooth.

Exhilarating photos


16 Megapixel read well on paper, but the resolution still says nothing much about image quality. In daylight, the camera fabricated sufficient images lacking details. It is dark wonder oh at dusk or darkness. Then it rushes unseemly, the photos are too dark, the white balance is imprecise, details are conspicuous by their absence. Even if other smartphones in the Visual test when bad light cut rarely better than 3.50, the grade of 5.00 is truly not a glorious chapter. For example – and comparison images in the photo gallery and original size as a link in this article. The Gigaset in full-HD makes videos-resolution. However, image quality left (Note: 3.81) and the quiet, echoing sound to be desired. A bright spot is the front camera with 6 Megapixels, which got the note 2.25 with sharpness and good colours. Only the nexus make even better Selfies 5 X and the nexus 6 p. It is acceptable that Gigaset promises 8 megapixel resolution, which we could not elicit the phone.

Radio and receiver


The Gigaset is well equipped with LTE CAT4 (up to 150 Mbps), UMTS, EDGE, Wi-Fi in the 2.4 and 5 gigahertz-band up to the ac standard. The transmission and reception of the LTE network is good, satisfactory in the UMTS network. Fits the voice quality on the phone, hands-free speech, there were slight disturbances. Bluetooth is in version 4.1 on board, NFC is missing.

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Conclusion: Gigaset ME


This first work and the great workmanship can be seen. However, the smooth surfaces are not for everyone. The operation is simple and the pace high. The sharp display gives little reason to gripe at endurance and photo quality can keep the Gigaset ME not with the competition.