Glockrock Skirt In Casual Office Look

This holiday makes me ready-it seems I have time without end and yet I come to nothing. This is soon worse than the days at the office.Stop, halt-I would not want to change, of course-not that I am now misunderstood.

 Especially since this Sahara summer week has been so simply fantastic and I could not have imagined spending time in the work. Because of the lack of air conditioning, I get at the thought of snapping… hihi… and since I give the impression, as if I would follow my regular office day, there is today a casual office look with bell skirt for hot days which you can find on

So not that I know what a casual Friday really requires for a dresscode. I am very lucky to have no dress code. Okay what is happiness-in the clothing selection of some employees, happiness is not the right expression…. There is an extremely experimental appearance-but I am sure the colleagues have been thinking a lot about the look. So everything has two sides-including the freedom to move around without jobs in the job.

Odor Styling

Please do not misunderstand-everyone should wear what he wants-but just on hot days I find it really important to change the shirt or the shirt times… from the bottom I would not even talk at the place, let alone me Imagine how often more layers are changed…. For such special-I call it-smellstylings I always have Eau Fraîche of Caudalie in the cupboard. Fleur de Vigne is used in the case of special fragrances times less and sometimes more. Ahem….

Glockrock Skirt In Casual Office Look

So, but now blasphemous enough… finally everyone after his Fasson-at least as far as the optics concerns. As soon as I touch my nose, I’m no longer so tolerant. Because I am long not so open minded. However, I really have an excellent specimen of olfactory bulbs in the face-no not optical-but the function seems to have been above average well. My husband even asserts occasionally, I smell things that are not there…. This is not true, of course, if my nose is a smell, then of course it is also present. Tztztz… But before I am here in what is more pure… there is still the bell skirt in the casual office look-almost rhymes….

Happy Friday

And I wish you a hopefully sweat-free Friday-although, if I look at the prediction so, it will not be so easy in Bavaria… But hey we thought the autumn is coming… and now we get a few grandiose summer days and My embroidered ankle boots  have to wait for their use-but I think I will survive it. Besides, I have an exciting weekend in front of me… but details are not yet revealed. Happy friday love all…