Google Officially Announces Android Nougat 7.1 Developer Preview

We knew that it was in road and its list of changes, but we needed something: the Developer Preview. Now we have all the information by hand of the official Google developer blog, because Google has just announced the Developer Preview for Android Nougat 7.1.

The Developer Preview of Nougat 7.1 will be launched officially at the end of month, following the same scheme of Nougat 7.0. Not come to our mobile officially until within a few months, but developers can test and verify that your applications are ready for this incremental version of Android.

As in previous occasions, you can sign up for the Beta program from this link. The text of the page doesn’t seem too updated called Nougat Android N and the list of compatible devices are not updated, but probably from here to ready the first Beta version will be updated content.

The official news

As its name suggests, the Developer Preview focuses on giving developers the ability to test their applications on the new version of Android and adapt them or prepare them to make use of the new features and the new API, you reach level 25.

News list is therefore not exhaustive and not focused on what will affect consumers, but many of the innovations can be extracted that I already knew like the arrival of Daydream VR.

The App Shortcuts, We’ll see how just calling in Spanish, are confirmed for the Android 7.1. It’s contextual functions which can be activated directly from the icons of the applications. Some applications already include them, and the Action Launcher Launcher is able to display them without the need of Nougat 7.1.

Android 7.1 also includes the support for circular icons, Although remember that Pixel Launcher in theory only will be available to device Pixel. Let’s say that Android gives you the support, and depends on the pitcher in question use them or not. The truth is that Action Launcher is also capable of using these circular icons without Android 7.1.

Some gave them up for dead, but the Live Wallpapers They also receive a dose of improvements. Android 7.1 allows developers to send more metadata to the selector of animated backgrounds to show tags, description, author, or links.

Most interesting is the support for images on keyboards. It has cost, but it is here the possibility to send stickers, animated GIFS and images directly from the keyboard to applications, without resorting to tricks.

Other minor changes include the possibility of applications to take you to a new setting for delete unnecessary files and therefore free up space on the phone and more configuration options for operators.

As you’ve probably noticed by looking at the screenshots included, here spoken of Android 7.1 pure and simple and not the version for phones Pixel, with some additional and exclusive changes. Therefore that the Google toolbar is normal and not Pixel Launcher or that the icons are not round and there is no mention of the wizard.