H & M Spring/Summer 2012 Presents The ‘Perfect Cowboy Guide’

The jeans today day is not to be one Basic garment, It is that it is directly essential. OS imagined life without Texans, of course this absurd assumption nor are happens to head. The fact is that we all need more than one pants denim in our wardrobes, and February with the start of the season is a perfect time to renew your jeans.

More than one know of good ink that is very follower of the H & M denim, but at the same time I know that more than one has gone mad in the shops of the Swedish giant trying to find your ideal model, no wonder there are so many.

Don’t worry that they have just launched the Guide short jean, which consists of very illustrative schematic amen of explanatory panels. You have no excuse to find your ideal model, because there are cuts for all tastes.

The first image presents the four main categories; fitting, straight, boots and baggy cut. And within some categories we find several models which we shall comment.


  • Super Drain It is the most adjusted model of all, an ulta-skinni of low waist and tighter pant leg of all. This type of cut tends to favour the more spiky bodies. For this spring a very trend color is this subtle effect laser grey.
  • Drain It is the more lightweight version of the previous one, with the same characteristics but a slightly more widened leg. Justito but fair point.
  • The Sliq It is a model follows the line of slim-fit although his leg much more regular. Ideal for lovers of the trend narrow but who do not want it to lead to the extemix in. The dark blue without washing like this, is a classic.


  • Straight of could say that it is cut cowboy par excellence, the jean long of life. Standard waist and leg straight and regular. A model that tends to favor all sorts of silhouettes.
  • Bragg a very similar to the previous model albeit in much looser silhouette. We could say that it is the relaxed recta.
  • Original It is a cut that looks a lot like the first of straight ones though the leg is slightly wider. One of those celestial blue worn must be for those days that want to go super casual.

Boot cut

  • The Lad It is a must for lovers of the seventies silhouette but properly. It is not a campaign is a boot cut, and the difference is that the leg is straight until you get to the bottom of it widens where subtly. Perfect to wear with sport abotinadas or your favorite boots.


  • The Tappered It is a model of cowboy very tendency in the last seasons. Very similar to the silhouettes carrot of other companies of low cost such as Topman. This one has a narrow cut in decrease, i.e. the leg is wider at the top and you are widening gradually.