Hamburg Dick Bass at the Street Fishing

Double strong Dick Bass duo successfully-

On the issue of fishing weather, opinions differ is well known that. Many anglers swear by certain weather situations, phases of the Moon, and winds and plan their fish moves meticulously with regard to the weather. Some even don’t even go if dealt with E.g. the pressure not to be good. Certainly, this planning has quite a pinch of sense, but which has never been particularly interested me. I’m going fishing when I want and not when the weather gives me a window! And even if I’m actually getting my fish, regardless of whether it is sunny and warm, stormy or storm, so there are also days where I get up and am sure already when you look out the window, that I have a good day fishing for perch in front of me. Recently, it was time again so far: the sky gray, light, fine rain everywhere and conveniently no wind signaled chances on Dick fish! The afternoon was already scheduled, but an hour fishing must be easy in the morning sometimes.

Hardly I had arrived at the water, the rain became stronger and forced me to retire to mount under a bridge. The bait choice fell once on a small Hard bait bass decor, after the rain gradually eased, to search the perch under bridges along get witcht on walls. After several casts of the first three spots of the day, I was bored just some to seemingly trailing by perch up to just under 30 cm. I needed a change of plan: instead of Twitch baits I now mounted a small Paddletail (Schaufelschwanzshad) and was promoted with an underarm throw targeted under a flat bridge. After repeated Anjiggen until shortly before my feet I was just going to take the bait when suddenly a big bass from the shadow of the bridge broke and target the bait after straight up on the last meters out of the water. Of course something shocks enormously! However, I have quite large trailing axle, but actually always disinterested turning off as soon as they accompanied the bait a few meters and this comes to a stop at the tip of the tail. But not this fish: he stopped immediately before the bait and sucked a Flash it with a quick opening of his big mouth. I quit this beautiful bite with a lightning-fast right off the bat and immediately the fish wanted to go back under the bridge. In the first moment he succeeded to deduct half a metre cord, then I gained the upper hand and moved him back to the surface. The landing turned out to be not just, because the rope of my small piling •remove brand equity building had themselves a bit tangled. The hook was sitting to my luck I was able to land the fish finally sure but so firmly in the bass foot. A supplier parked randomly just next to me offered me for a photo shoot and I must say he did it really well. To get usable pictures of passersby is Yes always a little difficult, but in this case it has fortunately worked out. Only I had to sadly realize that I home had left my tape measure. So I stopped the fish briefly on the rod and marked the place where ended his thick head and decided to measure and at the end of the fishing trip via, which was planned as a short tour to take the rubber tanks to Tim. When I got there, Tim had not arrived but still, but when measuring in fish length section of the tail I was amazed, because until now I was told the size of the Dick perch. With 44 cm my second perch this year.

When Tim came I changed my day planning a little bit and it should go again together after lunch on the water. The first spots did nothing itself but also really. Not the usual back-up, or any fish that were visible on the surface. Although this can be also a bad sign, but sometimes there are just these days, where the big bass are really aggressive. It was so recently when I with Raphael in Paris was on the way, so it was this morning and this afternoon with Tim. I had mounted the successful bait from morning again and led him either gejiggt or a Swim bait lip, which under bridges, along the walls and through the mean sea level. On this day I had fished mainly with spots that were neglected in recent times and I had to outsmart also the first and only until then sea bass of the day at one point, to which I have previously rarely fished. Tim and I were again anywhere really heavily over fished, which we would devote rarely much attention and fishing time. Initially it looked like, as if we here rightly so rarely fish, but I wanted to raise my bait before my feet out of the water this was stopped tough with a lightning-fast attack by a thick bass, who hooked up with the bite itself and prompt angry frothy hit the surface! Tim began frantically to rebuild the sheet pile wall NET and me kescherte the second exception fish of the day confidently. Interestingly this fish looked color significantly different, as the fish before, although they both come from the same waters and have bitten just about a few hundred meters away. I was of course overjoyed and this fish represents my third largest perch of this year with 43 cm. After I had caught two really great fish and was totally happy I decided to finish the day at this point and began the journey home.

At this point once again many thanks to Tim for the landing and taking pictures, next time you get the thickness!

Tight lines!

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