Have Fun And Practice Practicing Swimming With Mono

If you like sports or plan a holiday that involves doing outdoor activities, it is time to try this underwater sport: swimming with mono-tail. Whether with snorkeling or snorkeling, in the pool or in open water , it is an opportunity to strengthen legs and abs, making elegant dolphin-like movements.

Change your routine in swimming by practicing with mono

The monoaleta, made with materials of glass fiber or carbon fiber and with different flexibility according to it, is a bigger flap than the common ones in which the two feet are introduced, being united to her as if of a Mermaid would be. The movements that are made are similar to the butterfly kick , keeping the arms extended forward to have a lower resistance against water.

Although it is now when you start to see a little more, especially in centers dedicated to diving or apnea, this technique was born in the early 70’s and since then has been getting more adepts for its stylish movement similar to a mermaid and for being A very physical sport. And is that to draw a sinusoidal wave with the movement of the legs and the spine, the lumbars, abdominals and buttocks are worked a lot, leaving a figure stylized and toned.

If you like swimming and want to try a modality with which to train your butterfly kick correcting the symmetry, the use of the monoaleta will give you an improvement of your technique, a 70% more speed and a more strengthened legs, since the Physical effort is greater than with a few smaller aletines.

There are different types of swimming with monoaletas. On the one hand we find the underwater or immersion swim , which can be with a diving suit and a bottle of oxygen, being able to submerge us from 100 to 800 meters, and in apnea, that is to say, without breathing, with which we can arrive until The 50 meters. On the other hand, we have the surface swimming, which requires a snorkel to be able to swim keeping the head submerged.

Nowadays diving courses are offered with mono-dive on the Spanish coasts , as it can be in the Canary Islands; Likewise, certain centers specializing in apnea and diving provide this modality.

Source: Commit4Fitness.com