Holiday Clothes for Curvy Ladies

Today I want to give you some inspiration for the holidays on the way. The 2nd Advent is already over and already racing the time until Christmas. The days fly by so quickly, unfortunately. Because I love the Christmas season. All the lights, the joyful mood. Christmas markets, company parties, buying gifts. I like that. The contemplative time is always much too quickly, and it follows the cold and dark January. But hey, even we can enjoy this beautiful day.

Festive Clothes in Large Sizes

Festtagskleid # 1: Winter Trend Velvet

The week, for example, I have a company party at a restaurant. For such an occasion I renounce gladly times on a pair of jeans and dress myself chic. A festive outfit should be something special for me. Effortlessly chic, casual but a real wow factor. It should not be too rigged and I must necessarily feel it. Today I want to show you my 2 outfits. A green velvet dress Zizzi and a red dress by navabi.

Velvet I see currently everywhere. It seems to be back in fashion. On all blogs you see it and actually I think it’s very becoming. I have long gestreubt me before and now but found good. Especially the dark green seems to me very noble. The stretch can it also sit out well and forgives and an extensive dinner. Together with silver accessories you have such a solemn outfit, where one does not occur in disguise.

Festtagskleid # 2: Lady in Red

The next dress is navabi in a wonderful noble red. Also this has stretch and has a great fit. The cut is really done incredibly well. Especially for us plus size women according to buyinxenia. For the comfort I combined it with a black woolen vest. It breaks the red a little and it is characterized not just a huge eye-catcher. The length is very nice. For comparison, I’m 1,76m tall and it comes over the knee. Especially when sitting, I find it very good, if the dress still cover the knees. Of the two dresses this is my favorite. The fabric is amazing and it has even front two pockets. Because sometimes I do not know what to do with my hands, this is really beneficial. This outfit nachshoppen now!

If both dresses are chic for you and you do not feel comfortable in it would you… whatever goes black! If I do not know what to wear and me in anything really feel comfortable, then I wear black. There just days when you do not feel good in red.